I had an incredible time with everyone that came out to the #instaventurepdx tonight. It's an honor to have had more than 45 amazing people come from as far as Olympia and Seattle to spend the evening shooting photos and getting to know one another. Afterward a few dozen of us went out to dinner and I loved the incredible conversations we shared. This is what Instagram is all about.

Huge thanks to @ipratt @mattlmorrison @jaredwhitney @Mimi2214 @meganchenzi @justenmartian @beccabeam @candt_  @chaseblood @dsloanphoto @courtlandurbano @tayjay__ @cjmanay @taytay3587 @rebeckasipe @sierrapruitt @paulbarger @davefranz @kimhaggstrom @brenna_marriie @redfishingboat @J_hatton @yalta_a @tesscb @jilda77 @bananacheek @joshreyes @mariananicole @jordwhit @anthonygrant_hill @mylekiller @beautifulife6 @diegodelarosa @mitchelmadel @ekluff @gretchentheresa @davidtrujillo @tomritz & @desritz (plus a few more that I forgot, I'm sure) for coming out. Can't wait for the next time!
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