• dansmithism๐Ÿ˜•

  • olekirkerPunk not derp?
  • lemonsmom_13@abooye sweetie, why don't you take your own advice and mind your own business as well.
  • diamondfischerThese comments are amazing!!! *grabs popcorn-watches the show*
  • kevinjlytleOh shit! Instagram fight!!!
  • adam_jones74Hahaha this is actually pretty funny! This is classic freedom of speech and is what we in the free world hold onto and cherish and this is just Dan having a laugh at the world and it's funny people! So what if he posted it!? I post funny thing's and I see funny things posted that help me see things from different perspectives and put a smile on my face. Relax and stop being so sensitiive. It is also kind of ironic that you in turn are judging Dan too! If you want to whinge that's what Facebook is for! @nicfri13 @flappytittybag
  • violetgrossIf this sweater bothers you, you're taking punk too seriously.
  • o0ceci0oThis is why I post nothing but cat memes.
  • hsdjackoMaybe it's her punk as fuck boyfriends sweater.
  • fclardoSome people just dont get it and never will lol @dansmithism
  • dansmithism@fclardo haha! Come see me soon!
  • fclardoYeah Dan I seen tobys post of your shop, congrats man ! I'll send you an email. I been wanting to get more work from you maybe if you have a good idea or something you been wanting to do . Punk rock related would be great lol @dansmithism
  • dansmithism@spindrifting said so simply and well. I hope @nicfri13 and @flaptittybag get it one day.
  • atlas.93Jesus some people got some proper issues!!!!
  • jessicastjamesDoes @skullysmith know youre taking pictures of other girls butts?!? Hahahaha
  • adam_jones74@dansmithism mate I am an aussie and I just don't get how people are so sensitive. If you dont like the show change the channel!!! Anyway much RESPECT for your artistry.
  • dansmithism@sirnastypants not worth it!! Hope all is well.
  • sirnastypantsI know what was I thinking? Hope all is well with you and the shop.
  • jolockTustin local spot
  • jinpeaceheartpunk was dead๏ผdick never dead๏ผ
  • katweens@spindrifting โœŒ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
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