I think I may need some new flowers
  • therealgokwanI think I may need some new flowers

  • nishakeaton89Nothing better than a pretty tulip or an oriental Lilly x 💕
  • mi5judg3dCut an inch or so off the bottom and put them in fresh water. Make sure you clean the vase out too!
  • helenh87Actually tulips are the only flowers that keep growing once cut, so they're not dying they're just outgrowing the vase. Take a few inches of the bottom :) x x
  • hannahlouieAdd some lemonade!
  • basicallybex@therealgokwan Those two tulips definately had a heavy night the others look fresh lol
  • katiejanecandleslondonAnd a new candle soon x
  • zahraagaffarCut the stem at the bottom if the ones which have fallen at an angle they'll come back up
  • justchris101@therealgokwan you can't throw out tulips they still look ok
  • gemmyjamStick a penny in the bottom of the vase!
  • holly_and_ralphthepugPut sugar in them hunny xx
  • absternationalFor future reference, as tulips come in dry it's best to keep them in the wrap for 1-2 house whilst they take their first drink and the paper can support then so that they don't flop! :) 🌷 X
  • purplestorm_7Hey @therealgokwan I think you should do all off the above! One of them has to work!!
  • sarahjahPeeny in vase my mums lasted 3wks it works well
  • klawriejewelleryI love it when tulips go all wild and twisty!!!
  • ursula_xoFresh water and some sun they will rise :) My granny's were like that yesterday standing tall today #amazing
  • janisloveshoneyHad tulips for my wedding. #ILoveSpring
  • lisaransomPop a 2 pence in the bottom of the vase and they stay standing tall :-) #Spring has sprung.
  • rachelallen412Prick the top of the stem with a pin, they'll stay tall! Xx
  • googs1305They just need water they drink a lot
  • lizzydrip40Stand tulips or daffs infornt of a mirror and thy stand back up again.
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