Lisa with Kelly
  • lisavanderpumpLisa with Kelly

  • rachelzgorzelskiI love you Lisa!!
  • brooke_beninateLove you!!!
  • shaydiSo beautiful!
  • angelikamorrisJust ageless Lisa!
  • magmar09You're seriously my idol!
  • angel_nxFake account
  • kylo_ren_4Total milf !
  • lorisaxon@angelinaherex that's what I'm thinking also! Why would the real Lisa post pics of herself on a tv screen? I don't think she would. And she speaks of herself in the third person.
  • sophka08@angelinaherex totally agree
  • pandoravtIt's the official account
  • farrel03Kudos to you, Pandora, for being quick to respond when your mother's integrity or reputability are being questioned. You seem to be quite a lovely young lady.
  • lorisaxon@farrel03 I wasn't questioning @lisavanderpump at all. It would have been questioning a faker had this been a fake account. Don't get it twisted! I'm glad it's the official account! Love Lisa!!
  • farrel03Why be so defensive @lorisaxon? You/your comments were not personally referred to. However, now that you've brought it up, you did question the legitimacy of this account. My comment was not intended to insult you, but to praise @pandoravt for her continuing support of her mother. My benevolent comment was based on several instances where I have noticed @pandoravt speaking kindly of her mother, not on your banter. I believe at the end of the day we are both true fans of @lisavanderpump & I wish you well. 😉
  • sierrapizzileoI took a picture with u lol. I hoped in the car and said that
  • lucawes1114Don't get it twisted!!! Brandi wanna be up there!
  • caraajohnsonLove you lisa xx
  • rodrigojacobsYou are the best...i'm brazilian fan! I Love you so much.
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