@lancebass hmmmmm??? I think this looks better don't ya think??
  • skulleeroz@lancebass hmmmmm??? I think this looks better don't ya think??

  • racecaasiperfect... ;) its more beuatiful
  • i.heart.bxThat would be the best day ever!!!!!!
  • perlaanaiUmm no thanks! Please no! Nkotbsb all the way!
  • eguillen14I agree with @masquerade90 we are too grown to get crazy about who is the better group I've always been first an nsync as I grown older I've appreciated BSB even saw them nkotb for the first time and were amazing just to have the nostalgia of the music I would listen when I was younger makes me happy deep down all you BSB fans are nsync fans too because it was a phenomenon we all witnessed obviously I've lost hope on nsync but I have the music they left us to listen back to. All in all I love boy bands period and their music makes me happy
  • karyssa_justyne26No thanks! NKOTBSB all the way! Love you @skulleeroz 💜💜💜
  • michelleeaugustlove it! :)
  • teetsiebayyy7@skulleeroz Na .... BSB is all ! ❤😉
  • jakeandemmasworldYes!!!
  • ciinnabunI doubt nsync will get back together
  • bethy0505BSB
  • lindabeate_@aaiinnaa var favoritten dette ;-)
  • jamie_loudenBSB NSYNC and 98* would be my fave!!
  • heyyviv♥♥♥♥♥♥
  • manda8301That would be amazing but don't think nsync would ever do it
  • imjeronelleMake it happen!!! @skulleeroz
  • alb337Amazeballs
  • itz_genTake all my money 💰💵💳💸
  • olga_landaI'm guessing with the new news this could happened? Hope not I do t really like nsync lol
  • carsona13And come back to Indiana /
  • babeev@lindsay_46 I would pay a SHIT load of money to see this concert!!!!
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