The latest print " God Saves and Satan Invests" are being packed up today.  #obeygiant
  • obeygiantThe latest print " God Saves and Satan Invests" are being packed up today. #obeygiant

  • thiagorocha78Need it!!! Are you guys shipping to Brazil?
  • ocelotrobotCan't wait to get this!
  • heyhomesliceHow much
  • s_i_love0814sweet
  • zok_lukeFuck the system and there puppets
  • themikebrennerI can't wait to get mine!!
  • efe_case@jasontorres_ its sold out but you can buy prints here if youre lucky!!
  • wunnazawHow can I get Aung San Suu Kyi stickers??
  • teammyk@obeygiant love the uline blade
  • steverichiBought my first print in 03 at the toy room in Sacramento !!
  • rostron@obeygiant is this series already sold out? Just saw it but the web store says out.
  • jlf_studiosFuck man, how do I work for u guys. I have a BFA in animation
  • boris_ballyThis is my favorite print by far!
  • mr_bluntfaceMy brother in law has like fifteen hundred posts also we have most of ur skateboards. But my favorite obey gear is my k2 limited addition obey style snowboard @obeygiant
  • brianjscottWill be telling everyone to not buy anything from you if they even did in the first place.
  • trevlap@obeygiant I will also tell every single person I know that buys products from you not to even fund your "brand" anymore. Ignorant bastard. DTOM🐍
  • trevlap@obeygiant p.s. It's a M4, not an AK47. And it isn't called a "clip" it's a mag, and who are you to tell me how many bullets I can put in mine? Oh and btw F-You.
  • treypirtle...the AK-style muzzle and magazine are intentional, guys. It fits with the Communist motif that Shepard plays off of regularly, in case you missed it. The AR-style handguard and front sight are, obviously, the most common style of semi-auto civilian rifle in the US. Go read his reasoning behind the piece on his website.
  • sykeszoryou know that "assault rifles" are used in less than ONE percent of gun crime?? you liberal cry babies are pathetic.
  • sykeszori read his "reasoning" behind this piece...its a joke. obviously he knows nothing about guns. these "assault" weapons are NOT fully automatic and DO NOT have "50 round" magazines. he says hes not "anti gun" hes just "pro common sense" well if he was pro common sense he'd be calling for an end to "gun free zones" aka "unarmed victim zones" instead of calling for infringing on the rights of the most law abiding people in this country. ( you cant own a gun if you have any criminal record)
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