Think we have a winner! #Isles
  • ny_islandersThink we have a winner! #Isles

  • panagiotis516Now somehow find a way to rid of Wang and snow and this team will reach new heights
  • nyidynastyz@panagiotis516 @travis_burns1 yea dude def is bc snow is great. Patience builds a winner. (Blackhawks, penguins) and too many moves results in the rangers. A team never gonna get over the hump
  • nyidynastyzOkposo amd bailey r playin hockey
  • b_walsh22Beauts
  • tommy_karnSnow has developed this team from absolutely nothing, he's been fantastic with his resources. Once they move, they'll have more appeal to free agents and with the youth of this team they'll be fine. But Snow is perfect for this team.
  • panagiotis516@travis_burns1 maybe snow doesn't suck that bad but his grade is definitely incomplete. Snow will show if he's good or not when he actually spends money and not sit at the cap floor
  • billyfitzzCan't blame Snow for not spending. He took this team though and developed one of the best prospect systems in the NHL.
  • sschenenLook at the size of the goalie pads. Embarrassment to the NHL. #changetherules
  • sinchuk10I'm sorry but snow is the furthest thing from a good GM .. he will always be a backup goalie in my mind... and lets face it that our draft picks were no brainers, anyone would have made those recent picks. sNOw CLUE
  • sinchuk10@panagiotis516 you are one of the few fans who know what they are talking about .. Thank you
  • panagiotis516@sinchuk10 thanks
  • travis_burns1@panagiotis516 @sinchuk10 I agree that he should have gotten something for the isles to help them make the playoffs, but look at all the young talent on this team, and it's only going to get better
  • nicktsistinas@sinchuk10 I highly disagree with you, snow has done all he could to get people here, but for the islanders who had no future stadium or where they would be moved no one wanted to come, he's picked up nabby and vis also getting boyes to sign, he then got nabby and vis who both didn't wanna be here resign, we wouldn't be in this situation if mike milbury didn't fuck the isles up In the first place, this isn't snows fault, he might not be the best GM but personally I think he's done the best he could
  • mikeysans18Snows a good GM hes making the team work with the shitty hand hes been given. Wangs a good owner hes doing all he can with the shitty hand nassau county has given him.
  • poliver20@mikeysans18 all wang cares about is the money, he looks to atract families to the games, not real hockey fans like the canadiens do, if u go to a 1:00 game on a saturday at the coliseum vs. the panthers, the place will be packed with kids. If u go to the bell centre for the same game, the audience will be true hockey fans going nuts
  • mikeysans18@poliver20 thats the only thing owners should care about, theyre business men. Attracting a younger crowd is just looking ahead to the future of the NYI organization. Things should improve though when we move to brooklyn, its a beautiful stadium.
  • joefriel91I bet Kevin Pullon never thought he would make this picture
  • sinchuk10The truth is that snow isn't even the manager... He is a puppet for Wang. Why do you think Neil Smith was so quick to resign.. It's Wangs shitty way or no way at all. And @mikeysans18 .. Wang is one of the worst owners in NHL history and he ruined what was once an incredible franchise
  • mikeysans18@sinchuk10 @poliver20 It is what it is guys. I just wana see my team winning and making a run in the playoffs.
  • sinchuk10@mikeysans18 bad management or not.. I wish nothing but the best for the team. Who doesn't like playoff hockey? Especially when your team is still in it.
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