Matte black
  • kimkardashianMatte black

  • mstracy0123Thats a bull head y'all stupid .....she ain't got time to read the drama as y'all have nothing to do but put it on here get a lyfe....
  • desaaactiveeeeerIluminati stupid motherfucker iluminati
  • glitagrrlWhat bracelet is this? Anyone know the designer?
  • mike280zxThe devil, that's who the designer is. Wake up... smh @glitagrrl
  • glitagrrl@mike280zx sorry I don't know that brand. Where I live they don't have a store. Online maybe? Weird name for a jewellery designer.
  • mike280zxThey don't have it where I live either, but if your a Christian you wouldn't want that bracelet, trust me. Just looking out for your soul sister. @glitagrrl
  • sel_rWhat a horrible bracelet promoting evil -_- @kimkardashian
  • yassine_ramboDivel chitt
  • anaujarbSeriously all of you are crazy. Damning her and her family to hell will lead you there faster than anything. Who are you people to say who will go to hell and who will go to heaven. Clearly you all need a wake up call. To believe in God means you help change not demand it. You are kind in his name not evil and bashful. Are you all Christians or are you all doing the same as you damn her for ?
  • manraj55@sappheiros27 'twas likes
  • lady_boStop promoting Baphomet..u evil thing
  • natasha_ambavle@prashant316
  • prashant316@natasha_ambavle killerrrr this is
  • efine3096Nice
  • gatii1121Who designed this? I love it
  • gatii1121Btw, people do way more demonic things than wearing a bracelet, on the daily! Between these condemners in pretty sure there are liars, cheaters, thieves.... I'm still waiting for the designer! ;)
  • erika_fer_realz@satan
  • erika_fer_realz@satan
  • meligold51Wow @tamy_shoe
  • slim_thick24These people are soooo SATANIC and they Know exactly what they are doing!!!! Trying to deceive us as the public, but foolishly throwing things like this⬆⬆⬆ in our faces. .. I believe they are real and will answer to the MOST HIGH in due time!!!!!
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