Miss this time period .. Frontside Krooks at point x shooting for the DC video
  • dannywayMiss this time period .. Frontside Krooks at point x shooting for the DC video

  • the_hashslinginslasherI watched the full waiting for lightning video nd dude u r my favorite skater. U had such drive as a child nd I feel like as long as I want it as bad as u I can do watever I want. I kno u wont c this this but it makes me feel so much better attempting to say it to u. Ur my straight up idol mann, literally I would faint to meet u in real life. Sorry about all the loses on the way mann. @dannyway
  • nickmcgoodaSuch good filming
  • fastlifeveloSoooooo underated
  • r_newcomb@david_newcomb
  • boosted_blue_stSick
  • chucks14Seeing this pic, made me go out an order the DC video again, I had lost my copy. The video was insane, much props Danny, you are an amazing skater, your part in this video was so bad ass!
  • dannywayYour the man!! Thank you very much for the props !! @chucks14
  • dannywayWow man that was really cool to read and I am so humbled by this comment ! It's hard to convey my appreciation for how luck I am for having such cool friends here but its guys like you whom motivate me to be the best I can be as well.. I get very inspired knowing I'm inspiring others so thanks for that my friend !! Believe in it and conquer it because we ourselves are the only thing in the way of our goals .. Much love @wadesk8s
  • dannywayHell yeah.. What up kid @gmex8196
  • dannywayOh that's nice brother but we are all equal @leem0
  • dannywayThat's epic my friend thanks for the retro spec I love reminiscing the past .. Those were the days @flip_gcode
  • _joshcookWhat movie r u in?
  • the_hashslinginslasherThaks dudee!! @dannyway I'm motivated in sooo many ways rightt noww
  • gmex8196@gmex8196 nothing much weather is started to nice in New York more skate time @dannyway
  • dannywayThat's awesome !! Thank u for the support bro I really appreciate the love @chucks14
  • bmxmatthDude you look amazing in the pic keep it going I like it
  • stevecaballeroSo sick... Innovator!
  • reneerenee1#breakthebread
  • 1hogieThis is my dream! So sick!
  • chonhouseJust watch your waiting for lightning video with my wife and had to show her you video part from this dc video.. She was so blown away by your ambition and drive.. It was awesome meeting you when you came into my job at whole foods in Venice @dannyway
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