April 18, 2010 first photo after, @nikrichie & I vegas style GOT MARRIED! - sdlr #throwbackthursday
  • shaynelamasApril 18, 2010 first photo after, @nikrichie & I vegas style GOT MARRIED! - sdlr #throwbackthursday

  • shaydi& I'm not hating at all~ I love these two. 
  • c__deezYou're so adorable @shaynelamas I've been mistaken for you in San Diego one time haha definitely a compliment
  • big_jessicaHonestly, this is perfect. Spontaneous & passionate and you're both still trying to work at it...I admire your dedication. Most relationships after years fail but you two keep at it, I love it. Happy for you
  • ourstoryneverendsSo cute!
  • princess_tara79Before you know who he was.. ;)
  • v1c_pog1_702U guys are perfect
  • alyssonholtI remembered when it happened! You two are so cute together!
  • peanuts513Yey, best wishes!!! So cute together. TEAM SHANICK, LOL
  • ahhitscarissa@shaynelamas I quit coto, u have to come by E Madison with Press, we have cute baby things and home decor. Hope all is well!!
  • missyfussyYou made it 3 years...a lot longer than a lot of celeb marriages! Congrats! Keep going.
  • mo_kaur7@shaydi me too :)
  • shaydi@monicakaur007 =))
  • naturaphile@shaynelamas I love you guys together
  • cowgirlusa3Congratulations!!!!!
  • serenityoracleI love you guys as a couple! :) so perfect
  • richardwilkThis was a great night!! I have some great pics from that night as well! Miss u guys in Vegas!
  • royalg_3lol yall looked scared!!
  • laur_s@shaynelamas you guys are an inspiration to my husband and I saw your story on couples therapy and so similar to what we were going through. Nice to see you guys still happily married :) like I said inspiration to my husband and i☺
  • i_victoriaaa_So cute together :)
  • mitchystolk@shaynelamas I love you guys but have always wondered what was your first wedding ring?? Happened so fast, was there time for ring shopping or did you guys just improvise??
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