Cold Easter holiday in Norfolk blue sky's though so can't be to bad big love all
  • jamieoliverCold Easter holiday in Norfolk blue sky's though so can't be to bad big love all

  • gennarocontaldo@jamieoliver big love what beautiful bambini xx
  • spencerbrownphotographyWe are camping near Sheringham as of tomorrow for a week. Lets hope the sun keeps shining x
  • margaretoflanaganGreat family snap
  • celina78Your kids are so cute!!! @jamieoliver
  • evil_juliaHey ya bish, I remember when you came to my high school and called us all fat and our weak ass principals wanted their 15 mins of fame so they let you. Then you tried to take the French fries off khiry's plate and he almost knocked your bitch ass out lol. Well I'm not over weight at all, and I wasn't then either, I am aware a lot of people in my area are, but next time you decided to "change the world" why don't you try and stop the drug problem or something around here? Take your gay ass Harry potter speaking ass the fuck outta here my dude.
  • lillibooBeautiful family photo... Lets leave these comments on a positive note and not take away from what all the good you do Jamie. the incredible positive message you send out about food, health and lifestyle! My family in Aus are hooge (huge) fans (quoting my 3 yr old) and so pleased you are encouraging the message of positive living...
  • l_m_f3😘😘😘💐❤❤❤❤❤
  • evil_julia@__ii__ the fact that you have time to stand up for someone you don't even know makes you look publicly stupid lol.
  • evil_julia@__ii__ and the fact you care that much to argue with someone you don't know either screams a lot ab your intelligence level lol. The fact that you are even going through his comments lmao it's not that serious.
  • evil_julia@__ii__ lol who even brought up South Korea? Lmao. Excuse me for not bringing my a-game to your argument, I just really don't care that much. I didn't know my grammar was going critiqued however I am positive I used correctly. You may not understand American slang but why don't you use your second language for something beside Internet arguments lol people on IG are too funny.
  • evil_julia@__ii__ *used my words correctly
  • evil_julia@__ii__ the fact you care that much lol get you some pussy
  • evil_julia@__ii__ lol okay I'm the serious one. I didn't know I was the one who started a cyber argument with a stranger lmao. Good day weirdo
  • __mone__I Love it
  • dxchiqui4 hijos ! Dios los guíe todos los dias de su vida.
  • _roberta_avilaMy God! Vi essas meninas bem pequeninhas, nos primeiros programas...
  • mogilina_marinaLove it, 4👍
  • jaccribbAll these gorgeous girls.... You are a loved man for ever!@jamieoliver
  • sophie_parson❤ Norfolk
  • wafaaldamigh❤️🙏
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