Post show milkshakes. Look how happy I am. Haha
  • lindseystirlingPost show milkshakes. Look how happy I am. Haha

  • tannerdarbonneLook kinda... Extremely tired/happy/milk shake craved lol
  • mcchickenmonkeyWhat flavor did you get? 😃
  • gdzilla2016Can't wait. Going to see you tonight with my girlfriend. Its gonna be awesome
  • nickewong@tetrisboy8: It was my first concert as well! I had an amazing time! :D
  • miguelortegaproTOO happy(x
  • bella.ru1zI was at ur San Fran show and u were so awesome
  • onetallewokLOVED THE SHOW LAST NIGHT❤️
  • birdilexYou were incredible last night!
  • emewphotoAbsolutely stunning last night!!
  • andrew_weissbergLindsey I'm so pumped to see you perform tonight in Hollywood! Your an incredible musician and artist and you deliver a strong message and vibe through your dancing/music that I've never felt or seen before. ! Keep doing your thing!!
  • lindseystirlingisawesomeHappy to see you are happy. :D
  • hey_its_emma062100U r amazing !!! My biggest dream ever is to be able to play like you. Thanx so much for your beautiful music and inspiring personality. @lindseystirling
  • richclashchairHaha, you're a cutie Lindsey! (:
  • pancake_bookI started playing the violin because of you so thanks!
  • jeaninne_littleWish we could make it out tonight. Hopefully you can book a show in ssnta barbara or san luis obispo again soon.
  • zioufMy Dream is to meet you in real life. Will you be back to Paris soon ?
  • mgborchikWish I could've made it..
  • mermaidkai@lindseystirling hahaha post show smoothies/milkshakes were a must! Haha it was so cool to get to see you in there after the show! :)
  • elizabethwu_looks gooooddd
  • lindseystirling921Maybe I can find your cup and keep it as paraphernalia! Love, Phelba
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