Martin Erat on the ice for morning skate. He will be in the lineup tonight for #CapsIsles.
  • capitalsMartin Erat on the ice for morning skate. He will be in the lineup tonight for #CapsIsles.

  • 94nkilmer@theresa_tomilson woah i thought he'd be with river up
  • 94nkilmerRibero*** @theresa_tomilson
  • theresatomilson@nick_kilmer_8 same, but ward skated on the same line with him a lot in Nashville, so I guess oates wants to ease him in, kinda.
  • boyvoidGo Caps!
  • mark_shrader@croppz I agree it was a really good trade we needed some left wingers and we got a very good one! We traded somebody who hasn't proven anything in the NHL yet and that's FF
  • croppz@mark_shrader When I first heard that we got Erat I was relieved. I was really expecting GMGM to pick up some 4th line center that would be assigned to hershey
  • newchampionbabyNice!!! Erat is a good all around player..
  • stevepatrickErat is a savage. Dude can move the puck really well, consistent player, consistently leading Nashville in points. Great top 6 addition on the left side! Bravo. Forsberg never had a chance anyway, he's a right wing, no way he'd play in front of Ovi or Brouwer. Good trade.
  • mark_shraderLike this trade
  • maveride@kdizzle36 I didn't say anything about Erat actually, old sport.
  • pjendrix88Nice to hear , another Czech in Caps, lets hope he'll help with making a good playoff run :)
  • chasingbeautsToo upset about this trade
  • mark_shraderReally @chasingbeauts really
  • dynamic_rumWelcome to Washington!
  • croppz@chasingbeauts why? Because we have just stacked the left side? Because we have just locked down another do everything player for a few years to come? You don't even know how good forsberg actually is. He was slow on his feet. We still have kuzie and Wilson.
  • chasingbeauts@croppz lets settle down buddy. I have a right to personal opinion. Step off.
  • mrbliss72@croppz "Step off"!!! Haaaahahaha!!!!!!!!! Love it. Great win tonight over that island trash. Looking forward to see Erat get settled in. We chat soon Meat!!!
  • benjaminschinnDrøøøøy oppstikker @ovechcar45 @budakris @eirico95
  • ovechcar_8Haha! Fett ass! Med den oppstikkern så er'n nødt til å være go! :P @benjaminschinn
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