Taken while doing bv's ..clearly not yet pon de bed
  • mariahcareyTaken while doing bv's ..clearly not yet pon de bed

  • thaais_duarteeI love youuu mariah
  • girlpowerempireWe need to have fun together w
  • girlpowerempirePrincess Movie!!!!!
  • shegod_ayama#Realsinger
  • saschabusyPech gehabt beim Photo machen
  • m1cayla_Yes, girl. Yes!!
  • kyat_80@mariahcarey I once heard you lose an octave after each pregnancy.... I hope and pray this isn't always true 🙏
  • alessia.zugaroMy mum loves uuuu
  • tracydavis34My Mother use to love A Vision Of Love! She past away August 25 2006.
  • jesicasilvanyTeachhhh me !!! Pleasseeeee🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • reyesalexyou sing like an angle
  • lena251990@mariahcarey my cousins can sing amazing is their any way to can make her dream come true.you can see for your self on your free time her YouTube account name is deedeefigs you will not be disappointed
  • taeya_ashoneI love your voice
  • missunique2prettyYou have always been my favorite singer of all time.you have the most beautiful high pitch voice in the industry #Blessed keep making good music because you r the truth @mariahcarey
  • gemmm78Prove to meeeeeeee
  • missdsofiestyMARIAH YOUR AWESOME
  • loving_nyjahIf only I could see her n really speak to her that would make my entire life❤👌
  • saralmcdonaldHi Mariah you are ao beautiful and talented omg. U probably won't see this but i wanted to say that you are #Beautiful and i just love you so much. Sometimes I cry at the thought of just seeing u live in person. I'm actually crying now lol. You jave inspired me so much. (we have the same bday too ahhhh!!!) I'm 12 and even though i wasn't alive for most eras I still adore u. I have a fanpage @keep_calm_and_mariahcarey_on . Mariah words cannot express how much i love u. I wish i could meet u but ur all the wat in new york and im in Boston. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Please keep making music, you inspire so many people x0x0
  • deja.mayyyou are my favorite singer and you inspire me so much, you probably won't read this but love you so much and my dream is to meet you one day 💭💭💭🎤👑😭😭💕 @mariahcarey
  • rayrayzworldGet it
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