Dave Nonis speaks with the media after acquiring Ryan O'Byrne #TMLtalk
  • mapleleafsDave Nonis speaks with the media after acquiring Ryan O'Byrne #TMLtalk

  • portscenterwhat a stud @torontomapleleafs
  • anthonysquarciotta@misterkarpf your absolutely right agree 100 percent #teamkadri #hatersgonnhate
  • marcodouglas@misterkarpf bud, did Nonis draft Kadri? Did he bring Reimer? You say this is a team assembled by Burke... That's what I said #BringbackBurke #fireNonis
  • marcodouglasName 1 thing Nonis has single handedly accomplished....
  • chaddanthonyySo all u guys know nonis and Burke worked together for a long time and if your a real leaf fan and pay attention you would know nonis had a lot to do with assembling this team with Burke before he was fired #thinkbeforeyoutalk
  • adam0217All u guys are losers Who cares.. All that matters is the leafs are playoff bound. Nonis didnt need to di nething drastic!!
  • alexander_dee@adam0217 is right the leafs are doing good... Why try and fix something that isn't broken ?
  • franzo3Dave Nonis mean-muggin' the media after acquiring O'Byrne
  • kieran_a13@marcodouglas Burke wouldn't have had the balls to send Connolly to the minors, kadri would probably still be playing there if he wasn't fired.
  • adam0430Glad toronto didnt do anything drastic, they dont really do much at the trade deadline and this year they didnt have to, good on Nonis #dontmesswithsuccess
  • trambirBurke had nothing to do with Kadri playing in the A for so long. That was all Ronnie Wilson..the same reason our defense was so shit
  • zaine_hainesI never wanted kipper or luo. The way Reimer is playing id keep him. An see how he does in the playoffs then in the off season decide if we need a playoff goalie. #luoandkipperblow
  • nvasaWe need this guy o'byrne like a bald guy needs a comb!. Most penalty mins. In the league I thing we need to play our young Star Gardiner instead tml bench him thanks fuck heads! No wonder we haven't made the playoffs in 9 years!
  • ganersixteen@nvasa if you watched the games and actually broke down gradiners play you would know he isn't playing that well defensively. It was the same thing with Kadri.. He was making stupid mistake he could get away with in junior and not the pro levels. Had to learn. Gardiner has made some glaring mistakes and needs to learn
  • fdhanani67@lukeleader I agree we gave Lombardi and brown away for nothing but I think that we made a good addition and hopefully he plays well with Liles , but I also think that our goalies are great and we don't need a new one but other than that leafs are solid and I hope they make at least conference finals .. That will be a big boost for our team and then mate we can bring it home next year
  • lukeleader@farzaandhanani i agree completely ive been a leaf fan all my life and watched the last time they were put out in 04 and the flames an lightening cup battle, the leafs have not been this good sense then and this season will be a huge boost by just making the playoffs if they get to semia i will be happy but lets be honest of the leafs make the playoffs we will all want them going all the way its leaf nation most fans in the world seeing kessel gettn a couple monday was huge once lupul comes back we can cpmpete with boston an will in the first most likely
  • fdhanani67@lukeleader yeah exactly I have also been a leafs fan my whole life and have loved them through everything so we can all complain and say oh this was a bad trade and that was bad or we can look at how we have been improving and now instead of being at the bottom we are now one of the younger and notable teams in the league and we are gonna fight through it all #playoffs #finalsherewecome
  • lukeleader@farzaandhanani i still think nonis coulda put together a solid trade instead of taking the easy way an extra goal scorer woulda helped instead he will use burkes team to do it
  • fdhanani67@lukeleader true but then we got him for a fourth rounder so that's pretty good but then once again we can all say
  • fdhanani67That Burkes team and nonis' team but I think it's better that nonis didn't make any major trades because like ppl above said we shouldn't mess with something that's working like how lupul andkadri have so much chemistry which is great and the bozak line is back producing and our goalies are young but solid and learning so overall we are playoff bound and playoff ready #goleafsgo
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