GM Peter Chiarelli looks through his notes on Trade Deadline Day. #nhlbruins
  • nhlbruinsGM Peter Chiarelli looks through his notes on Trade Deadline Day. #nhlbruins

  • sixty548Should've looked for a goalie.
  • sjcaron19Do not trade my husband (Tyler Seguin)
  • jalenm71@katzattackz , chiarelli doesn't have the frikin balls to trade him. All the super hardcore b's fans who jizz on lucic would kill him for it
  • jalenm71Also, lucic is somehow their highest paid forward! Wtqf?! If anything it should be seguin or bergy
  • marchand317Picked up redden from blues way to go lets add another mediocre defenseman to our tram
  • jsander877Seguin or bergy??? Are you drunk??????
  • boston_hooligan17Don't trade LUCIC!
  • jalenm71If I was, I wouldn't be as annoyed at chiarelli or the crap. Seguin is clearly better than lucic. Speed, stick skills. Bergy's game may not be flashy but he's the hardest working center in the league
  • jsander877Are we 1pt behind the habs for first place???? YES..... And you want to blow up the team?@jmadden71
  • jsander877Redden is a big strong, solid d-man with a big shot. Playoff experience too!
  • marchand317Lucic is slow sloppy and on the PP ineffective. He throws us a game once in a while. Not earning his Salary look at his numbers for the last 3 years!
  • jalenm71Redden's a good D, if you're not gonna trade lucic, put him on the third or 4th line till his head is completely out his ass. Get jagr up there with krejci and Horton
  • marchand317@jmadden_71 agreed 100%
  • jalenm71@marchand317 , same here. Slow, sloppy, not earning close to what they're paying him. I think he gets 6mil? Deserves about half that
  • king__modestPC is a boss best gm!! Love how everyone is on sheros dick cuz iginlas dumb ass chose to play there. Ppl so f'n dumb
  • solbs88@jmadden_71 he was bought out last year by the rangers. Old contract is done. He makes 800,000 and is a UFA after this season. No worries!
  • samps87Nice view... No wonder why he can't get shit done
  • cagg617Haha @samps87
  • kasp_kLucic is amazing ^^^^ all of u .. wrong.
  • bcav7Give Peggy a nice shout out for me @owen_mcgowan
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