• mustahaque@mauroricardo48 just start it! And never look back!
  • dylandamsmaYou don't learn entrepreneurship from reading articles, you learn entrepreneurship from starting, doing and falling.
  • sydneyramossHmmm what would @richardbranson do?
  • annie0007@richardbranson A mentor is a must. Be resilient & hunt out the opportunities in the "setbacks" keep on swimming :)
  • dylandamsmaOh, and just a general tip: keep track of your accomplishments, celebrate them and look back on them with proud. Keeps motivation going and lets you realize you DID do a lot!
  • caradesol123@mauroricardo48 , my wife and I just start a bussines, Social Media Management in Miami, we don't know whats going to happen, however, from great ideas comes great rewards...., just start and work your ass off..
  • jopa1000K6 makes it Hanuman! Beautiful yacht!
  • estherwareI want to tell Richard about my business ... Harnessing the wind to make millions for good causes x how do I get a meeting ?
  • fishzizzlewww.facebook.com/Fishzizzle
  • richardbranson@mauroricardo48 surround yourself with brilliant people
  • elogata@richardbranson wow you replied. And that couldn't be truer- creative minds, brilliant minds
  • marvelious1Wonderful picture of you...they say wine gets better with age.
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