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  • shai.esqBrazil!
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  • weezyc27It makes me sad that every American comes to brazil and goes to the slums GO TO RIO AND ENJOY THE CITY NOT THE SLUMS THATS DANGEROUS TO GO THERE
  • harry__kimKinda looks like my view
  • eddardcI get your point, if we think about it they probably do get to know the city itself but I do think its a great thing they go the favelas, brazilians are here all the time (duh!) and they scarcely do it. It's dangerous everywhere though, the favelas have been pacified by the government and its much safer to go thru them now that it was before @luizac27
  • weezyc27@thirtyfivemillimeters that's good the government is helping out but when America thinks of brazil they automatically think of the favelas which just bothers me because to me that's not the true beauty of brazil for some people it is but that would be brazilians going to the poorest place in America thinking thata what the whole country is like
  • eddardc@luizac26 Yeah, agreed. Most foreigners share that point of view about what Brazil is all about. I'm with you, that should change but its up to Brazil to modify the way people foresee the country, don't you think? I don't see us doing something about it and that really upsets me.
  • thienxx@hawshietashie WHAT is going on?⬆
  • sammygeezy#favielabeach
  • germ3adolescentI think the point is the Brazilian government should do more to help the poverty in favelas. They're neglectful and elitist - any Brazilian knows this but a lot are ashamed to admit it. Brazil is a beautiful country with lots to give but it's paramount they pull up their people.
  • genewildishJust see it all and get a balanced point of view. Ignoring the poor won't make them go away.
  • bizzwax^lol it's a little more complicated than that...
  • bizzwax@luizac27 ele trabalha com artistas de funk. Pra onde q ele vai? Pra Ipanema q não é...
  • rubendprado13#brazil favela , i 'm living in sao paulo , rio de janeiro it's dangerous and one shit..
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