I smell predictable... No it's more bulls***... Maybe it's desperation?... No it's definitely bulls***! #yawn #itsthattimeofyear #apparentlyiturnintoadiva #accordingto"source" #lieslieslies #writesomethinginteresting
  • isthatjessiejI smell predictable... No it's more bulls***... Maybe it's desperation?... No it's definitely bulls***! #yawn #itsthattimeofyear #apparentlyiturnintoadiva #accordingto"source" #lieslieslies #writesomethinginteresting

  • louisealiceduguid@jessiesorgasm go away and get a life then come back OKAY!!!!!
  • abbi.ehOooh Diva @isthatjessiej haha stuff them. Theyre just jealous of you Jess.xxx
  • chloe_bailey_xFuck them jess @isthatjessiej egnore them they have nowt else better to do all they do is bullshit
  • louisealiceduguid@jessiesorgasm shut up
  • emarwoodJust ignore it. It was probably a slow news day & had nothing better to do with their time.
  • heartbeat_7All your heartbeats know this isn't true, keep going we think you are great #heartbeatforever
  • jamgloomMedia keyboard warrior with a slow news day -.-
  • faymarie78Nothing better to write! Bothered? Nah didn't think so!Xx
  • mikaelar96Wth? It's amazing how people can switch around someone's words! -.-
  • zombiemombie89I don't read any ignorant bullshit. Waste if time, I love you as an artist and love seeing your pictures that you willingly share with us but your life is just that, YOURS! No offense to any celebrities but you guys are JUST people, just like us. If my neighbor scratches his ass I do not Need to hear about it, nor do I care. OMG, so and so is pregnant?! WOW, like is she the first one to get pregnant EVER?! No. That's just my opinion :) keep your head up, not all people see that stupid shit or believe it! I'm one of them. Night from Cali.
  • chloe_bailey_xDunno how people have the time to write such crap about a lovely young woman is my idol its your life your just a person like us so I dont know why they are constantly on your backs just stay strong and ignore the bastards
  • isthatbeejbeeUnlike this post! Poor Jess... ;(
  • emilythorbWe all know the media are the worst liars going!!
  • harriott300What a load of sh*t don't people have better things then make up rumours about jessie j come on jessie j ent like that go get a flipper life we should make rumours about them , don't let them get u down , us fans are here that LOVE you
  • jadiebabiee98Ugh.. Pathetic don't listen to them jess! You've got you're real fans here defending u<3
  • harriott300Lol went on YouTube to have a look at the auditions again it it came up with last yer and it was were jessie j acadently pressed the button bee laughing like half our we do love u jessie
  • setantiiThanks for letting the younger generations of women know how this one works. And still we have young women saying 'Ew no, I'm not a feminist'.
  • ilove_jessiejxxDon't listen to them jessie!! They obviously are just stupid big fat pooos!!!!!!!
  • emilythorbI never believe it anyway haha
  • _ell.ie_just ignore them
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