Fun times at the #Anaheim show. #vans #soldout @imgavi @thekidd1986
  • lindseystirlingFun times at the #Anaheim show. #vans #soldout @imgavi @thekidd1986

  • jayden.martieI see my friends eyes
  • oceanlove89Thank you for gifting the world with your immense beauty and talent! You're amazing!! Last night was incredible! 💜⭐
  • _._._.blanca._._._@lindseystirling YOURE THE BEST!!! CANT WAIT TO SEE YOUR PERFORMANCE IS SAN FRANCISCO!!! 🌉🌃🎶🎻🎶Whoooo!!!!!
  • livliser@lindseystirling you are once again touching me with your music and I am entering a talent show with your music to dance to so just thank you for doing what you do and that you are the most musically touching person to me
  • kevinc113I wish I couldve gone to the san diego show!!!
  • melmonkrutzI love you hope to see u soon in montreal 🙏☺
  • lalathunderGood luck from @odd_tree13 and me!! 💙💜👧🎻
  • artwaffleWuv u! Lots of love from Puerto Rico
  • bella.ru1zI was at ur San Fran concert tonight u were awesome I really really love u & I got ur posters I am the happiest girl alive right now
  • jak3dec10wowHO
  • ayliinoraand switzerland?
  • mermaidkai@lindseystirling thank you so much for such an AMAZING show!!! You really have inspired me more then I could ever say. <3
  • luis_plurI was there!!! Gosh you get better and better with every performance, you grow and grow and it makes me happy to see your success. Next time you come to SF I'm making sure to get a VIP pass because all I want in life right now is a picture with your amazing self. #idol @lindseystirling Looking forward to meeting you eventually 😄
  • davidd.moonI was there!!!!
  • mmullinssMy hand is the tallest on the right. Ground level. I love LS!!
  • awkward_silent_oneHey uh Lindsey. If you, uh, ever need or want an electric guitarist to,like, come on tour with you..... I'd be more than happy to! ;)
  • frankiegirl2432I was in that photo! Haha I got stuck in the back and I'm short but it was an amazing concert! It was my second one I went to, my first one was in Santa Ana! My brother and I love you we are both dancers and dance teachers and I've played violin in 2nd grade for about 4 years then on and off when dance wasn't taking over my life! Haha I play your music all the time during warm up and am actually using your version of starships for my kids hip hop number! They love it so much! Your amazing and so talented its great you get to live your dreams! Next time your in Cali I'm definitely get the VIP package so I can finally meet you! Well anyways I hope you have and great time on your next tour and get to read this or reply 😍 @lindseystirling @lindseystirling
  • frankiegirl2432@c3asare found us haha !
  • itsparadiCome to Poland ! <3
  • sarcasticskellingtonThat's me in the bottom right hand corner!
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