Re bleaching... New style? Lol maybe not
  • isthatjessiejRe bleaching... New style? Lol maybe not

  • z.bean277You remind of yyaaazzzz !!! The only way is up baby lol @isthatjessiej
  • rachel1411@sophiedickerx it's bleached :)
  • kaylaa695Your hair is growing back so, I did the same thing nearly two years ago and it's the length of pink's hair <3
  • kaylaa695So quick*
  • ade1aide17Yazz.
  • georgia.k1ngHey Jessie, I'm big fan if you came into my bedroom there's jessie j posters everywhere!Also I'm 11 years old :)
  • georgia.k1ngI've bought your book - nice to meet you and you were saying stuff about how to keep it inside rather than tell someone and stuff and also your message be strong be determined... And whenever someone is horrible to me I think of you and do what you do :) your the best Jessie❤
  • georgia.k1ngYour my favourite singer in the whole world❤ I went to your concert in Warwick Castle and I was on my dads shoulders and I wear glasses also I wore a Jessie j top and I didn't know whether you saw me? 😃
  • georgia.k1ngCause you were looking in my direction
  • georgia.k1ng:D
  • slayanna93Jesssiiiee
  • amc4567You still look gorge :) xx
  • mollyjulietteI looks much longer
  • mollyjuliette*it
  • cubelife123Lol you're gonna regret bleaching it whilst its so short
  • hey_its_kirstieeHey Jessie your hair is grown back a little fast girl! You bleached it blonde woo it would suit you still when it grows a bit more but short like Miley Cyrus cos when it grows you will start to get dark roots again! Ur still pretty and stylish you have a wonderful sense of style and your so perfect all the worldwide fans love you and so do I!!!!! Pls see this xxxxxx Love Kirsten Rock xoxo
  • callejandro90@isthatjessiej please marry me 😝
  • elxnaxox_I think it would look better dark... Just my opinion.
  • sarah_lou9824Oh my god! You should go for a short back and sides like Sandè :) <3 @isthatjessiej
  • xhorse_horsexXx
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