proceeds are going towards ending child hunger! #FAHonitunes @childhungerendshere
  • torikellyproceeds are going towards ending child hunger! #FAHonitunes @childhungerendshere

  • officialzheroGot it last month!
  • ron_1102Love it!
  • lightsfevervidsYour fucking dime 👌❤❤❤❤
  • alykkaalmazanThank you so much for liking one of my photos! It totally made my day!! Stay awesome😊
  • mr.romo_05So I just went through and liked all your pictures haha it's truly amazing. The success you've had simply by sticking to your craft and letting everything fall into place on its own. You seem to have a wonderful life it's truly inspiring looking at all ur photos and seeing how your career has progressed your an amazing musician your acoustic cover of frank ocean was amazing I've watched it probably about 1,000 times and it never gets old. I'm sure one comment won't really mean much but I just wanna say that it is truly inspiring to see someone my age progress and succeed the way you have. I hope you continue to succeed and progress god bless
  • moos_musicI bought all your music on iTunes just for you baby, the most talented and beautiful person i have ever seen! Please come to Holland!
  • old_account_158I have been amazed by you when I first herd you sing and that was on your cover of frank ocean thinkin bout you it was truly beautiful but I just fell Completely in love with you when I heard your cover of tomorrow from Annie! I love you @torikelly your a massive inspiration towards not only me but my music as well xxx
  • syedaminxToraay Records.
  • christinajengelWill you please please please follow me..your my absolute idol. I am going to make a cover of suit and tie this week in honor of you. Ill let you know when it's up! Peace ✌
  • airialjHeyyyy tori it's 2 AM and I've literally been watching your videos for 2 hours. I love you soooo much and I can't wait to see you in VA on the 15th! ☺😁
  • jay2fonoI got it!
  • qwwertyuyyy________@torikelly is magnetic on itunes 😢
  • etbanchiLove this song,u r amazing@torikelly
  • runningtokeepmyselfsaneAww you're so sweet
  • bsperlinBought it (:
  • raynemusicNice good for u
  • queentabreiaLove This song #listening to it now !
  • kyah.stewBought it!
  • sheyking_Bought it when it hit iTunes
  • toraayallday3 years ago today
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