#backsidesmithymcsmith on  that @alienworkshop @dcshoes combo
  • robdyrdek#backsidesmithymcsmith on that @alienworkshop @dcshoes combo

  • zachary536Tell drama my sister said he doese look like a man dime
  • crazy__boi22Cathin air
  • crazy__boi22cardin
  • brandonsumnerWhat's ur email @robdyrdek
  • greedygrayWe need your help in jeffersonville
  • greedygrayThe skate Parks a death trap with cracks everywhere unskateable rails and horrible drop ins please help us @robdyrdek @robdyrdek @robdyrdek
  • the_dopest_dope69Rob dyrdek PLEASE READ THIS! Hi I'm jimmie vancamp a skater from hot springs Arkansas. We have been trying to get a skate park built for years. Theres a lot of skaters an we don't even have anywhere to skate in hot spring, an we don't even have a skate shop. We just started this spa city skate project, an we have been trying to raise money to build a skate park. We really need a place to skate where we can have fun an not get in trouble. I was wondering If you could please help us out! I've seen you do some really amazing things on tv to help out with skate parks. On YouTube there is a video, cops vs skaters that happened in 2007 here downtown hot springs Arkansas . A lot of skaters got arrested for skateboarding. If we had a skate park I'm 100% sure that will never happen again! If you haven't seen it please go watch it! It might help show you how badly hot springs Arkansas really needs a skate park! An if you can't help us i understand but please try to. Thank you so much @robdyrdek
  • i_love_chief_keefSick smith
  • xgn_tunaphish55God i want to scoot there and yet i know youll dog me for i rob
  • ahmdubstepListen to @jimmievancamp
  • goochamusprimeWe need some more fantasies.
  • jo_hanninHappy birthday for ur b day u should invite me to the factory hahahaha happy birthday bro
  • chris1norrisClt needs some skateboard history and skate life bring some blessings @robdyrdek
  • kacie77777I love Fantasy factory It is so cool
  • andy_cruz44Dude your some awesome I live up to u but I am not a good skater and I suck @robdyrdek
  • llldustylllRob I'm wanting to go to la but would I waste a drive if I come all the way to the factory from sc or would you let me in to skate ? @robdyrdek
  • hexx83You should make a video game of your team and the fantasy factory @robdyrdek
  • thed0ct0rHelp me become famous
  • treflip_or_dieYour awesome rob @robdyrdek
  • bonasty_20Last
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