End of the week dinner? Cake.
  • jonacuffEnd of the week dinner? Cake.

  • rampagerachelYou can have it, and eat it too.
  • jonahthibI didn't see the hand holding up the fork at first. I was afraid for you.
  • mommachef03Haha! I'm having leftover dessert for dinner too. 👍🍰
  • brandiandboysI LOVE that cake @jennyacuff makes. So good.
  • harrisiii@jonacuff With a glass of milk, no less. Bliss.
  • stephendeelSo do you eat the cake first and then all of the icing last? Sounds good to me.
  • fijitodd"Dad is great. He gave us chocolate cake."
  • grantmedfordMy end of the week dinner? Cinnamon Toast Crunch. #booya!
  • elaina426@fijitodd I totally hear that in my head when people talk about chocolate cake. And now it's stuck in my head do thanks for that. :)
  • xotrina@fijitodd haha Bill Cosby! Good stuff.
  • gingersnotYellow cake with chocolate frosting is 73% better than any other cake.
  • jgrantjenkinsI need some more.
  • _amandapendergraft_That looks like it was homemade by a southern woman. The best kind.
  • mskipperrrNeed to try banana pudding poke cake. Yellow cake with banana pudding smothered on top!
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