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  • mollywiilsonUmm so u do believe in him? Cause Im AM NOT SARCASTIC when it comes to god who is REAL @izzyiziz
  • mollywiilsonU know what never mind bye. @izzyiziz
  • mollywiilsonAnd I like u bball_mak
  • izzyizizWell for God to exist, there had to be a universe, so the Big Bang doesn't go against any form of religion. @bball_mak
  • izzyizizByeeeee @awesome_muffin0519
  • mollywiilsonOh yea! @bball_mak
  • mollywiilson:) @bball_mak
  • izzyizizThere would have to be a universe for there to be space and time. @bball_mak
  • izzyizizYou can't be above the universe but whatever bye @bball_mak
  • angiemtierneyThat picture looks not so good
  • littleleahlouu@izzyiziz oh you have been plenty worse than rude. You've clearly broadcasted that you're an atheist and like I said, that's your right. And it is HER absolute right to put something SHE believes in on HER Instagram. If you don't like it, do something else with your life.
  • chrissie1123You are CHRISTIAN??? (So am I) :)
  • always_annaixtaI just have to say that I am pretty confused looking back at all these comments, particularly the ones that people were sending to @izzyiziz... Isn't it kind of a rule that Christians aren't supposed to judge others? Yet look at you guys. Not only that but a lot of you make it seem like since you believe in god you are better than her. You aren't going to make her believe in god by arguing with her. It just makes it seem like you're trying to shove your beliefs down her throat. Yeah she's arguing her side too, but she does have the right and she wouldn't even still be arguing if it weren't for all the people (not to mention the oh-so-many rude people) that keep trying to fight with her. Just give it a rest already.
  • always_annaixtaI just can't believe the names she's been called by people who supposedly love god... Do you think he's proud of you for talking to a child like that (no offense to you, @izzyiziz, you seem very mature and smart for your age)? And when was it decided that you, instead of god get to decide who goes to heaven or who goes to hell? Wow, just... wow. Think about that people, before you try to get all righteous and high and mighty. Take good looks at yourselves and maybe reevaluate your lives.
  • always_annaixtaSorry to all those that don't want to read such a long speech, I can't help it.
  • always_annaixta@maddforjesus thank you, exactly.
  • gabinradleyAre you Christian?
  • pipo_starMichelle, God loves you everyday not just Easter :-)
  • amesonj@michellefawn hey michelle, I love those shoes! what are they? Ps..i love you!!
  • octokami@michellefawn I reeeeally love your videos, what editing software do you use? Btw, you're awesome!
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