i cant wait to see my guy on Friday! long distance is bullshit. πŸ‘«βœˆβ€ @tmon3yyy
  • macideshanebookouti cant wait to see my guy on Friday! long distance is bullshit. πŸ‘«βœˆβ€ @tmon3yyy

  • apriltowry@nelsoncourtx they aren't talking to Maci
  • destiney_arnoldIs tht her bf
  • mirandamarie1313@nelsoncourtx I know I was just stating idk how @leannt317 does it with her bf away! And I think she mean she knows how she feels cause her bf is deployed a lot basically a long relationship
  • kay.jay.baeLookkkk @ashgreen22
  • pugs09I know how u feel maci mines in the us navy in Japan:(
  • missynicole27I was talking to @leannt317 sorry you didn't get that @nelsoncourtx
  • yassy_english@sayakadenningtobe thank you :) anytime girl. Take care πŸ‘‹
  • a_ford_armywifeTry being a military wife. No fun.
  • jazz_phizz@a_ford_armywife you're so right! I wish I'd be seeing mine on Friday, but I have 7 more months. πŸ˜” Friday is not long distance!
  • summerbrooke88I agree military spouse is hard !!!! Deployments suck !! She doesnt know what its like to be long distance.
  • mommytastic_How can you guys talk about her not knowing long distance? Maybe she does, I don't think you know Macis whole life. Just maybe you guys should focus on your life instead of hers. Thanks @summerbrooke88
  • amandacombs13I am a mil spouse and i think the fact that you are ragging on her for missing her boyfriend for a week is trashy. Everyone misses someone, no matter the distance or the time. @macideshanebookout can miss her man no matter how far apart. And if they dont live in the same state than yeah they are long distance. BTW Yes, I have done deployments, long TDY's and being seperated. I have spend a total of 21 months out of 5 years away from my husband. Leave her alone, haters.
  • summerbrooke88Hahah what a hypocrite how about you focus on yours instead of worried about what I'm posting @stephiepowell
  • mommytastic_@summerbrooke88 lmao ur so original thanks for telling me exactly what I told u, it sounds alot better coming from u lmao !
  • mommytastic_@amandacombs13 that's right! I agree 100% !
  • ashgreen22Trust me @jordannbaileyy I know! I creep hard hahaha
  • christic93I live in GA and my fiancΓ© lives in OK..14 hours
  • beex13Talk about long distance my boyfriend lives in Australia and I live in the states and I stupidly came home for a 5 months to visit family and friends...now that's distance!
  • kayalexandrafitnessExtream bullshit!!
  • positive_vibes814Haha...Bently photo cred...?
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