Spring skiing with my girls  happy Easter Day!
  • oprahSpring skiing with my girls happy Easter Day!

  • _thick_niqua_@oprah now that's the only thing I don't never want to do is going skiing!!!!!!!
  • makenzivthat's so #poppin
  • tracynichellI want to go
  • christinascroggs@oprah I was almost in that picture!! :) should have photo bombed it! Hope you had as much fun as I did!!
  • keiran.popelaOprahs in Barrie Canada at snow valley
  • abbyekipling@pagecrow weren't you in telluride over Easter? Did you see Oprah?!
  • pagesepic@geenagirl8 - I did not see her & can't believe she didn't call!
  • bedooosswooo
  • purpleweb1Not me I'm s African afraid to break a leg have fun to ya. All
  • forzacoronaI love 🎿
  • sugarlipsminidonuts1Ms. Winfrey! We heard that you might have a place in beautiful Copper Mountain...we would love for you to check out Sugar Lips Mini Donuts near the lake! Currently I'm doing the 21 day challenge with you and Deepak. He actually came into the store durning Wanderlust last year. Anyway, if you are ever in Colorado (copper mountain) we'd love to meet you too! All the best, Kelly at Sugar Lips! Xoxo 💖✨
  • viorelaYou should try snowboarding! I bet you'd like it once you get a hold of it :)
  • dianaponceeI new it was here in utah i have done that and so has @justinbieber omg i love utah now!
  • 69lovejonesLook at you @oprah 🏂🎿👍👍🙏
  • seelife@only1srb
  • authenticreelBlack people skiing...yes I can and when I do I'll post. Thanks O!
  • ilovewhentheyenvymeCool!!!❤️this!!!😍☺️😉💋
  • willgibert@oprah. Next time give me dates on ski trip...I love to ski..I go 4 times year
  • fewnfar__between@oprah support the troops
  • lift_live_focusLol you bought day passes? I think you can afford a season pass if I have the past 5 years lol
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