True story. A shop in LA did this to her.
  • lukewessmanTrue story. A shop in LA did this to her.

  • franco_vescoviShame on that shop
  • shawnbussBlown out lines on the four head too! Man, the shop artist and customer both suck!!
  • shawnbussOops I meant , forehead(iPhone)?
  • timhendricks@365daysofsofi because its our job ethically as tattooers to talk people out of things like this, and if all else fails, turn them away.
  • 365daysofsofi@timhendricks don't get me wrong I'm not defending this girl but people want stupid shit tatted all the time most artist would make no money if they turned them down..people think my tattoos are dumb but I can't say the shop I go to did this to me..
  • kingdomwithinEthics, all about ethics, for some its about the money but its about ethics and responsibility. Rather not tattoo then have to this shit
  • kallegrafo...drake? He sucks :(
  • bucercruiser@thomasmorgan thats the first thing i heard about tattoos before some years, and its sooooo fucking true!! 👍
  • lukeseventhsonAt least it's spelled right
  • samchacontattoo@timhendricks @kingdomwithin well said. Agreed.
  • arieldafunkThis makes me sad :/
  • natalie3083I'm sure loads of ppl have that's they regret but you can hide them haha what a fucktard..... Thick bang's fringe might cover it if she is lucky!!
  • natalie3083*tatts not that's
  • gidjetRidiculous.
  • allysondawn@lukewessman I just saw this beauty lurking outside the cvs on fairfax in la. I tried to get a pic!!
  • lukewessman@allysondawn oh tight.
  • quandophysics@johnnychainsaw hahaha :D
  • mess_me_up_Wow. That' 
  • nate_lowneySickening
  • martiemcflyYeah he went in with his bodyguard to find dude who did it but what he didnt know was big sleeps did it and he aint no punk. Drake tucked his tail so did his bodyguards and got the fuk outta there.
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