Tyreke Evans stuffed the stat sheet on Saturday night, tallying 21 pts, 9 rebs & 6 asts. #KingsAllDay
  • sacramentokingsTyreke Evans stuffed the stat sheet on Saturday night, tallying 21 pts, 9 rebs & 6 asts. #KingsAllDay

  • johncfranks@keelandaly lol, great
  • ramonmanjarrez@hg_haydengr33n_17 actually we don't suck punk. And the cavs can't beat us we swep the serious but they did beat you guys. Lakers are a joke and so are you. Kings a brighter future then the lakers. And @johnnyfranks your a jackass shut up
  • jaayyboogFire smart nd trade tyreke nd demarcus keep everyone else
  • b_am190Woo lakers kings suck no brother feature @ramonmanjarrez
  • johncfranks@ramonmanjarrez mad? its ok man itll work out
  • r2tc@johnnyfranks are you telling me dwight jumped straight up? And are you telling me that if Kobe did the same thing he wouldn't have gotten that call? And where was the foul by Salmons? Did you even watch the game? You know the Kings should've won.
  • johncfranks@r2tc kobe wouldnt have gotten that call.. how are you okay with demarcus jacking up 2 three's?!?!? hahahaha im done
  • johncfranks@r2tc watch the tape, dwight may not have been 100% vertical but demarcus definitely went into dwight and created the contact- thats not a foul on the defensive player
  • ramonmanjarrez@jordanrichard15 I'm a huge kings fan and I would trade cousins but wouldn't trade Evens half the guys trying to guard him he blows right by them. He can get 20 points a game by shooting lay ups and now that his jump shot is improving he will be a beast.
  • xkusem3Missed the game last night Just saw highlights..... @boogiecousins why? Thank goodness your not the mayor.
  • jonnygreene4@hg_haydengr33n_17 just sayin the cavs beat the lakers and the kings beat the cavs....
  • r2tc@johnnyfranks you know Kobe draws fouls like that all the time. And explain to me the foul from Salmons on Kobe....
  • r2tc@johnnyfranks oh and tell me how Kobe didn't foul Ricky Rubio on Wednesday night.
  • r2tc@xkusem3 the highlights don't show the refs marking dumb calls. There was a foul called on Salmons at the end for touching Kobe's Air....
  • lacachebatch09@mlopez987 oh he knows..he was at the game yesterday..>:(
  • _nicotheunissen_Lets go tyreke
  • ramonmanjarrez@hg_haydengr33n_17 well at least you know you and your teams a joke.
  • xkusem3@r2tc Kobe would pay off the refs
  • egbangz@xkusem3 kings are weak #lakers
  • ulises_penaThe refs suck get other refs and Kobe sucks he just told the refs it was a foul on salmons cuz he he missed the two point jumper @sacramentokings
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