😊 Babes Easter basket is ready to go! #goodies
  • chelseahouska😊 Babes Easter basket is ready to go! #goodies

  • kendrapaige25Love@someone else but u gotta get some back bone and show that pos that u don't need him and he's not worth ur tears! Ur beautiful Chelsea and any guy would be lucky to have U and aubree.. U are my fav teen mom and I hate to see you cry.. Karma is a bitch and he see her one day
  • kendrapaige25Will*
  • brittnyhalgren@chelseahouska will you please doooo my hair!!!!
  • jenyrenOh Chelsea.. You are such an amazing, funny and beautiful girl! I know this episode was a year ago and probably a lot has changed.. I just want you to know I pray for you and all the teen mom girls.. You are so young and have so much to look forward to! I just love watching you, you are such a blessing to Aubree and you are just an amazing mommy..:) Adam seriously will look back in his life one day and regret SO MUCH.. You on the other hand will never ever regret the choices you have made for your daughter! God bless you sweetie:))
  • vannnah661@chelseahouska keep your head up honey it will all get better soon. That girl Taylor wouldnt last a day walking in yout shoes, and im sure Adam has already kicked her to the curb, you deserve so much more. I know God has a plan for you my dear! keep on, keep'n on God bless you and aubree.
  • jlovessbkChelsea im sorry that you are going through so much your an amazing mom you are going to find your prince and he is going to treat you amazing you and aubree deserve only the best kept doing what you are doing you are amazing
  • kir.sle12Chelsea u are a amazing mommy your daughter loves u no martter what u do:)I love to whach each teen mom 2 I love waching u.this season have might been rough for u.but u still love your daughter all the time.please friend me i wach your show all the time it's on:):);)@kirstajo.eny who loves teen mom 2 please friend me.dose eny one know Leah's username if she has one
  • fanatic4@chelseahouska .. It makes me sooo sad to see you so upset over Adam bringing you to court. He will (and I'm sure he already has, I hope) have to start paying child support along with visitation, right?? If anything, that situation makes you look like a strong woman who is moving forward in a positive direction... And him.. He's such a loser, plan and simple. You are amazing and you and your daughter deserve the world!!!!!
  • saandrita3👌❤👌❤👌❤👌❤👌
  • missjessg89Too. Cute
  • amy_elizzzzadorabel   
  • osnapitsbrittanyAww lucky girl! Bet she loved it <3
  • kaeliesmithMy bfs sister is naming her daughter either aubree or aubrey :) love her name! @chelseahouska
  • skiptomyloumydarlinAwwww!!!!!! Cutest basket!!!
  • xolilmissjenCute basket!!
  • scano11No animal print? Haha
  • dezaraehafley22Cute!
  • cass_mahoneCute
  • ty_skyehey Chelsea i just want to say we're around the same age and i have broken up with my bf of 7yrs and i am now raising my 3 yr old on my own and it still hurts and find myself always crying but then i'll watch Teen Mom i swear seeing ur situation and how far along u have come makes me want to fight even harder and remain strong u really inspire me thank you😘 @chelseahouska
  • madisyn_mae01That is so cute good job!! @chelseahouska
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