• merileelooI'm starting a new project here on Instagram, called #awkwardyearsphoto. I'm nowhere near an experienced photographer but I would like to be better. I want to challenge myself by learning how to take good portraits of people with a fun twist. What's a better subject than to get a collection of people sharing their most awkward years and see how great of a person they blossomed into? I want to feature my friends, family, acquaintances, and anyone else in close proximity, so hopefully I will have enough willing participants! Please bear with my amateur self as I learn how to capture people at their best.

    So, to start things off, I'll begin with a hesitant subject, and don't laugh too hard: me! I was so embarrassed by my younger years because I was so gangly and awkward. Even now, I have a hard time even showing people what I used to look like because back then, I was teased & bullied mercilessly by my appearance. But I figured if I can share that part of my past next to the person that I turned out to be, I can embrace my little nerdy self and feel okay about it!

    So, to all of you who had those awkward phases, especially this clueless 5th grader, this project is for you!

  • merileeloo@kvmedrano Haha yep, those were some rough pictures so I had to make them "better" somehow! 😉
  • merileeloo@leo_o3 It has! Brazil, France, UK, Australia, Germany, among many others. It's been so cool to see my story translated in many languages. 😃
  • merileeloo@romax48 You've warmed my heart too, thank you so much for saying so! I've really healed by starting this project & I'm hoping to do the same for others. Thanks for saying what you did, it means that I'm doing the right thing. (((((Hugs))))) 😊
  • pretty_thats_seldom@merileeloo your welcome :) it is now my dream to be photographed by you! your work is AMAZING!
  • wonskiieShowed this to my 10yr old daughter and she appreciated & loved it. Thnx from both of us. @merileeloo
  • entejiIt's amazing how you really take time to answer to all the comments:) I know it takes a lot, cheers
  • merileeloo@sexi_stacked_stallionaire2013 Thanks again, that's so nice of you to say! 😄
  • merileeloo@wonski82 Oh I'm so happy to hear that, thank you!! 😊✨
  • merileeloo@enteji Awww you're sweet to notice that, thank you! I'm sure I haven't been able to answer everyone, but I definitely try! 😄✨
  • pretty_thats_seldom@merileeloo ill keep praying that one day soon you'll consider! :) stay blessed!!! :)
  • michaelstyvesLovely shot, great colors, strong statement, superb result!
  • petelapistola@mercedes_ss
  • julianpumyou are hot now‼ xD
  • hey.vitoria14So Beautiful <3
  • dumagauperYou really do have a great eye for clean portraits so well done!
  • merileelooThanks, that really means a lot to me! I hope I can get better, I got a long ways to go. 😊
  • justin11511This is super cool!
  • merileeloo@dumagauper Just realized that I didn't tag you in my reply from a week ago! Sorry! 😬👆
  • merileeloo@justin11511 Thank Justin! And thanks for all the instalikes & comments! Means a lot!
  • justin11511Most welcome! Also, congrats on having this project blow up, that's very cool!
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