Dying Easter eggs! 😊
  • chelseahouskaDying Easter eggs! 😊

  • marishka_nzSüüß
  • gianna_braceltsHappy family together
  • jblack_burnPretty sure I see you sporting some Husker gear here, friend :) lol Happy Easter and #gbr :)
  • ___qveen.keke.59Awww aubree is so cute
  • lynellefritzen#gbr
  • kaysteviFun
  • spayan72Love the Nebraska sweater! Reppin' the NE
  • coraleep@chelseahouska you have the most adorable girl and she loves you soo much! You are blessed!!
  • jccamilleYou have a cute little family with just you and Aubree
  • monseleena_920Haha no Adam lmfao
  • alysa_dyann@chelseahouska Chelsea, I just wanted to tell you that you are a wonderful mother to Aubree, you are beautiful and such a strong young woman. I know you go through a lot being a young mom with a piece of shit father to such a beautiful daughter I know you struggle internally with that, but whether you read this or not hopefully you do but I have a father that's a lot like Adam and trust me it's better for aubree if Adam isn't in her life at all. I'm here if you ever need to talk about anything . Just remember you are an amazing young woman you are strong and admirable. @chelseahouska. - alysa βŒβ­•βŒβ­•πŸ’œπŸ’™
  • broncos.no.1Love you representing NEBRASKA!! The GoodLife! :)
  • misscolleenwelchAwww!!
  • fuckthalamesFuck Adam live ur life !!! Move on .... I kno that's hard cuz he is baby daddy but u can do this brush him off like a fly on ur shoulder mama !!! Show him u can do better n stop being so stuck on him that's y he acts the way he does he is a fuckin jerk off I could jus bitch slap him n he reminds me a lot of my baby daddy childish n inmature
  • kallahan@yupitzme82 I totally agree. He's a loser!
  • nicolio4Love the pics! Btw I watch teen mom all the time. I tell ya I cuss at the tv everytime I see adams face. Dont let him get to u! Xo @chelseahouska
  • danadh155Adam is a piece of garbage. I'm surprised Chelsea even gave him the time of day!
  • perfect_printablesI would like to design your daughter birthday invites
  • santosfamily7Adam is trash!! Girl you can do way better then that! The minute you open ur heart and love another you will see him for what he really is
  • alavalliere@danadelcarpio she did for the sake of her child
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