I die
  • juleshoughI die

  • connormlucas@savannah_goad She is kneelinf
  • rebeccaloh@katieescoto @itzskylarduh chill. I was just generally worried about the child. I did not say that jules is a terrible person now did I. Don't you assume that I was hating on her. Clearly, you guys just know how to spread hate to others. Both of you look like a person low intellectual skill so I shall just let you sit there and hate on others. I hope hate bestow upon your garbage lifes.
  • ateenagegypsy@katieescoto @itzskylarduh guys you don't need to attack people like that. That is cyber bullying. She never said anything mean. Calm down
  • aniushka26@juleshough doesnt like bullying so yall need to stop Why spread hate when all juju wants is to share something so adorable w us
  • aniushka26All u should focus on is how cute eva is
  • ladyantxoDeliciousness!
  • officialmanukarvalhoQue fofa
  • savannah_goadOk thanks. @lucas_con10
  • k80lawrence@rebeccaloh when you learn how to speak English and write sentences properly, then you can get at me with that low intellect. Until then, your writing speaks for you.✌And @chloe_mari3_ it's not bullying if its true. Then it's stating the obvious... so hop on out of my mentions like a good little girl.
  • marisseeWhat a cutie!!
  • rebeccaloh@katieescoto I love you
  • kuhadesignSuch a doll!
  • ateenagegypsy@katieescoto really? Saying "you are clearly retarded" and "I'm sure your mother didn't hold you very well, because you must have been dropped on your damn head" and "you're a piece of shit" isn't bullying?
  • cheric717Such a beautiful little lady
  • kaatharinawinklerBitch fight. Haha but seriously if you don't have anything nice to say .. shut the f*** up.
  • joeyjen12You girls should be blocked from commenting on Jules' pics!
  • k80lawrence@chloe_mari3_ I never said "you're a piece of shit" so get it right or don't respond. And like I said if @rebeccaloh thinks that the way Jules is holding that cute baby is wrong, the only conclusion I can draw is she must have been dropped, which is why she has a slow brain. But that's ok retarded people need love too #nohate
  • ateenagegypsy@katieescoto I wasn't specifically speaking to you. You need to learn to watch your mouth.
  • ateenagegypsyYou people should be deleted from instagram
  • k80lawrenceDon't @ me if you aren't speaking to me then. ✌
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