My #bff @anjelahjohnson rockin the @donkeeboy "Never skip a beat" shirt
  • jokoyMy #bff @anjelahjohnson rockin the @donkeeboy "Never skip a beat" shirt

  • emmymichelle23Omgosh!!!! I LOVE her!!! I want her to come back to Portland so I can bring all my friends to her show!! Please come to Portland with her @jokoy!!! :)
  • ambalicious32I ❤ my @donkeeboy shirt, @jokoy!! However, since it's not really sized for the "top heavy" ladies....I am making mine into a pillow! 😊
  • jokoyThat will work @ambalicious32
  • 1sopon_atimeSaw you tonight, you were hilarious!
  • archaic_ghostHey Jo where can you buy this short other than your shows and still have it go to the cause. I want to get another one so I don't mess up the one you signed and that way when I post it ill be able to tell people how to get one. @jokoy
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