I skated with @lizzie_armanto for the last 2 days. She rips. (b/s Ollie on request)
  • tonyhawkI skated with @lizzie_armanto for the last 2 days. She rips. (b/s Ollie on request)

  • asher2789@jtbd702 :) @missb75 I haven't been made fun of in a long time but I got a lot of shit when I was younger. Now that I have aged a bit I guess the young ones have learned to respect their elders. That's awesome that there's a girls only session - I think girls feel really intimidated being the only girl in the park most of the time, especially when the boys are SO much better (usually). I live in NY but I've heard from a female friend who used to live in Cali (and longboards!) that there's a ton of female skaters. Long boarding here has picked up quite a bit, especially amongst women, but I'm afraid to bomb hills and I need a tail to feel comfortable lol.
  • kcletitia03I am always welcome at the skateparks, people always welcome me just like they welcome any other guy
  • aaronhunter1Gurls rule boys drool
  • dunnashreds@asher2789 stoked you skate! No matter what happens do not turn to long boarding. Nothing in life is so bad that you have to use a long board.
  • brokensquareArmanto!!
  • alexcamargo\m/
  • big_daddy_661She's got sick skills!
  • abdurahman_maIts awesome
  • gamerxyzA for Awsome
  • sk8_is_your_lifeSoo Awsome
  • j_haggler0Tony you think your so great you r not because no one like you because you hardly skate r you scared to skate fat ass and you suck fat ass
  • sanfordlopez@Jdawgoo, you must be nuts @tonyhawk is by far one of the best skaters to ever walk the earth!!!!
  • j_haggler0I know but I don't like him I like Shawn white and he is better
  • clarkster10Well I think Tony id
  • clarkster10Shawn white sucks an Tony u r way better!
  • tommyboim8Tonys is better
  • lucas.springettShawn white is way better guys
  • chrillelundinNice picture, continue with that! 👍
  • eze_edoAwesome...&this guy!That's a ridiculous comment
  • zackroyal_@jdawgoo I no you said this weeks ago..but are you fucking stupid? Tony still rips to this day,and if you were any type of a real skater you'd no that. @tonyhawk you must be sitting back laughing at some of these comments
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