Ok Marquette game on...let me something fellas...
  • dwyanewadeOk Marquette game on...let me something fellas...

  • dt_keyz#backintheday#marquette
  • ballout_3x@dwyanewade u the best
  • gmn.44Is you the tell Dwayne wade or is you fake
  • gmn.44Real
  • jorgeluisgomezThat's an old ass camera lol
  • bigjay23_84This an old ass pic when he played for them on college @jorgeluisgomez
  • john__desmondMU baby! Preseason ranked number 9!
  • closer2mydreamsd💜💜
  • w3stlak3Dang,Wade got deep waves
  • hari_mike_emmieDear Wade, Just wrote to your sweetheart underneath a photo of the two of you...caption...I can feel it in the air tonight (: im reaching out for a favor kinda...Hubby works for nbc 6 in the Miramar...huge fan...even has your Marquette jersey....he did a video for you guys...its super cool...and im his biggest fan...as you know us girlfriends support you guys through your triumphs and dreams...he hasn't loaded and didn't get no credit...he simply wanted to do something different and dope for you guys and to be proud of like we are proud of you...it starts with that song (: and my wish for his upcoming bday is for you guys to see it and tell us what you thought of it....how can we send it your way...if you have a min here is my email just in case you have a min kharitinu@yahoo.com xo you guys rock
  • hari_mike_emmieSorry auto correct...my email kharitiny@yahoo.com his morihuelaJr@yahoo.com (: thank you for reading hope to we able to send it...you guys will love it
  • jamar3_Ur the best sg of all time.i loved you and the heat since 0'5
  • _cole_smith03So if god does good to the wealthy then he doesn't like the poor I'm not wealthy and before almost every game I pray and we either win or have a close one so god loves all people even if there poor @justicerashelle
  • jaystreezyCome on dwade u have a old skool camcorder
  • flocka_jessMilwaukeeeee! #414
  • stylezby_roweperryI know that background from anywhere.. #milwaukeestandup
  • th3_king_pin@dwyanewade u my favorite ben reping that #3 EVERYSINCE U STARTED PLAYING FA DA HEATS #GREATEST #FAN #TRULY !!!! @dwyanewade
  • alex.a.nelsonI met you at MU basketball camp years ago! @dwyanewade
  • simplysie4My favorite player since then
  • nick.comatis25i had same video camera
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