With Janet Pilgrim and good friend Shel Silverstein #1962 #scrapbooksaturday
  • hughhefnerWith Janet Pilgrim and good friend Shel Silverstein #1962 #scrapbooksaturday

  • inivitablenessFifty years ago honey love provides youth.
  • treekomiettoI love seeing pics from back in the day 💖thanks for sharing
  • ashley6ixxShel Silverstein!!!!!! Best author ever!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!! (And best playboy cartoonist ever :)))))))
  • omgjennyfromtheblockFavorite author 📚
  • daisybaby38wow!!! I love all of these pix!!! You're the standard for a man, I truly believe, always have. You're NEVER disrespectful to women, our men, either for that matter. I believe that you r tasteful in ur mag & ur life. Your a gentleman & I'd love to meet a man like you, one day...
  • 3011streetNice pic
  • dolly_amoreYou still have that same adorable face (:
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