That just happened!! πŸ™ˆ  @mrstwotwo #tate REED2.0
  • crtwotwoThat just happened!! πŸ™ˆ @mrstwotwo #tate REED2.0

  • dtmmx@jaytizzle_
  • dtmmxI can say to the bottom of my heart my yz has saved my life i ran it into a bobbed wire fence fourth gear wide open coming into a field and i didnt see the fence the it stopped me on spot violently it took the full impact for me put a few scratches on my bike thats all forks not bent nothing bent just scratched a little jeez what a shitty bike @jaytizzle_
  • jaytizzle_Haha that's not what I'm saying at all man for me and you every bike is great but if your gunna have them pushing as hard as they can go like these pros do Yamaha would be last. Plus there heavy. @dtmmx
  • jaytizzle_How many championships are won on Yamahas ? @dtmmx
  • dtmmxA bike is only as capable as the rider im sure chad ryan v any of the best consistent guys could win on a yamaha man @jaytizzle_
  • jaytizzle_Haha the fastest rider on the plant hated that pile. @dtmmx
  • jaytizzle_Honestly I have no room to talk I've never had a Yamaha dirt ole but my dad has a yfz450 and that thing dips on everything !! That's a quad tho soooo.... @dtmmx
  • jaytizzle_@dtmmx bike
  • dtmmxHey man to each his own id be just as much a fool to say yamahas are the best and just a much a fool to say one of the other brands are the shittiest @jaytizzle_
  • jaytizzle_there all great bikes. Honestly lol id take any one of em. @dtmmx
  • trevneckYamaha all the wsy
  • trevneckWay*
  • blake_gestachThe crf 50 has more power than a pw 50 maybe the kids to small to have that extra power
  • bobik122I got a ttr 110 is that a good bike?
  • br3tt_19No that bike sucks my 5 year old can ride that @tylerbobik22
  • owenriossThe advantage of having a tiny bike
  • nickmcnamara31The KTM 50 is a fast lite bike that was my first bike when I was 3
  • nickmcnamara31Little I mean
  • hotkido_@br3tt_19
  • hotkido_I have a crf 150r expert
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