• designspongeSwoon

  • myanaloglife@lesnels8 it needs high humidity and even watering. Keep it near the kitchen sink or bathroom window or use a mist tray. :) good luck!
  • lal3961@lesnels8 I find mix of sun and shade and water. It absolutely hates cold
  • amendesign.coBeautiful! @lesnels8, I just got one too and it's needed watered everyday or else it gets wilty. Good luck! So pretty!
  • amylane7Don't over water them...and not too much sunlight.
  • snugthepixiesJust wondering if someone could tell me it's name? Thanks! ☺
  • designspongeI can't keep these alive- had to walk away ;)
  • reguli77@snugthepixie maidenhair fern
  • vitaminimodernMaidenhair fern! I've had one on my desk for a year and a half and its still going strong. I have it in a self watering pot and keep a cup of water under it to assist with the humidity.
  • snugthepixiesTq @reguli77 @vitaminimodern
  • dearfrancesMaidenhair ferns scream like the maidens they are, grow legs and run away when they see me coming. :/
  • sraikhI had one for the longest time and then was away for 2 weeks and my spouse killed it. This and asparagus fern are my fav.
  • nikicottonartistLove those ferns...can't grow them though in my house, quite tricky
  • annrafalkoI have to water mine every day. I have named him Lazarus because I have roused him from the dead three times. Each time the fronds get fried (usually when I go on vacation) I cut them all off and then deeply water every day (to the point where there is water in the saucer) and he always comes back. Obviously I disagree with those who say don't overwater. Mine is in a west facing window an loves the standing water I give him.
  • meganthebaronessA houseplant book I have recommends these as a terrarium plant. So I planted mine in one last night w/ some moss!
  • foxarama@georgiehooper Love it. How's your Lazarus? Mine still ok...
  • joannalynnesmith@meganthebaroness what's the book name?
  • kirkelizabethI always kill maiden hair ferns! They are so beautiful and my favorite! Love to use the foliage in floral arrangements
  • meganthebaroness@joannalynnesmith it is called "The New House Plant Expert" by Dr DG Hessayon. Circa 1991.
  • georgiehooper@foxarama still going strong as well
  • shellclelLove ferns!! Tassel ferns are cool too. :)
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