Jarome Iginla will be in today's lineup.
  • penguinsJarome Iginla will be in today's lineup.

  • jesseburk4lInstead of arguing about who should be captain/assistants, or who should be on which line, lets just embrace this moment as Penguins Nation and realize we have a good shot to do something great this season. We have a team full of great guys who gives their heart and soul into winning. This is a great day to be a Penguins fan. Go Pens Go!
  • ethanmcdonald_10Yeh iginla let's go
  • b21jessopLol islanders fan, please explain how your captain is better than Sid. I guess you forgot Sid led us to a Stanley cup as well, but still a horrible captain. Haha smh go troll your own islanders fan page
  • williamabbeyYES!!!
  • sunshine936Been a pens fan a long time....very happy to see
  • sunshine936The new additions however...they got to this point in the season without any of them #justsayin
  • gqmcgeeIGGY
  • james_hockey_30#boooooo #boston
  • jonah_jones1@leah_latshaw you are so dumb . Why would we give up to top picks, when those guys can just be brought up whenever the pens have room.
  • leah_latshaw@jonah_jones1 Im not dumb, Im just saying! No need for your input to my comment! I don't really care what you think, i can say whatever is on my mind. So no need for you, leave me & my comment alone, & have a great day
  • simmer06Lol here's the thing @leah_latshaw you are getting a future hall of famer in iggy, he's played with Crosby before and won a gold medal he's not going to hurt your team in any way but on the plus side of the score sheet. There will be many pluses. And he's not taking anyone's spot. They will send down a 4th liner who only plays 5-10 minutes a game that hasn't done anything all year but warm the bench. You obviously have never played hockey and don't understand what bringing iggy to your team is going to do. So #justsaying just be a fan and don't talk about things you don't understand #justsayin
  • anth_lovat@floydman75 I want this jersey sooo bad
  • dtrem3SIIIIICCCKKKK!!!!🐧🐧🐧🐧
  • you_must_protect_these_wings@swagsportsman boo.go caps
  • jackierobinsonfanCool
  • unfollow13573586646Go iginla
  • fionawstewartIt is a beautiful jersey!
  • mikol_97Went to that game!
  • jackson_hockey14Iginla
  • liam_71welcome iggy
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