4 days after surgery my knee is feeling better already! #pumped
  • crtwotwo4 days after surgery my knee is feeling better already! #pumped

  • staffo195Please get ya knee right and come back and smash all the doubters out there!!! You still got it man!!! Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!!
  • strano123@ronnie_weiss not long now
  • tylerantonides195Dont rush yourself, Im sure u want it to heal the right way this time... Cant wait to see you killin it in outdoors!
  • usagirl911👏Yeeessss! This makes me so happy!!! Not only will you feel better physically but it will help mentally as well. Knowing your body/knee is healthier! It will only help your confidence. Confidence breeds winning, winning breeds more confidence. It's a wonderful cycle. Can't wait to see you back out there! ❤✌✌❤ ...@mrstwotwo
  • cobs156Nice!! U r a beast!
  • nannypj56👍👏😊
  • newsome_45Get it done @crtwotwo finish stronger. #justbeleive
  • c20blair@crtwotwo Feel better fast recovery!! Stronger than before! You're amazing! #believe #motocross4life
  • efenguppyGood luck outdoors!!
  • the29machineAwesome! 👍😄 Hope you bag Vegas and head into the Outdoors head down bum up!
  • benny__cooperUr my hero!!!! I look up to u chad!!!! :D
  • captainmorgan51Go reedy!
  • bewl_78Hey chad hope your recovery is going well and was wondering what the machine is called you are using? @crtwotwo
  • benrichards525It's a skierg @bewl_78 !!!!
  • bewl_78Thanks mate @ben525
  • scotty_k89Hey @crtwotwo do you think you'll be back for Houston or know when you might be?
  • motorcross__30you are badass
  • jakezanderrMinneapolis? @crtwotwo
  • austin_067@saralovesdirtbikes
  • jbones131@crtwotwo great to see you back from the shoulder surgery and on the bike for motocross! Two years ago I tore my acl, mcl, and meniscus and since have bought a pair of rs7 knee braces but I have a killer time sitting on my bike with them on (I'm 6' 5"), seems like a lot of stuff keeping my knees from compressing far enough. Any suggestions on braces or anything would be awesome! Keep gettin through those motos! Thanks
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