Antonia is having a sleepover with her cousin & her bestie.. Hanging in the theater.. #girltalk
  • melissagorgaAntonia is having a sleepover with her cousin & her bestie.. Hanging in the theater.. #girltalk

  • onfiredLove that the cousins are together: @melissagorga
  • jillpenneyyThe cousins are together 🙏
  • sleeping_beauty22@ebookie23
  • laciii.iYall r rich
  • sams21xoxo@trailerslego I promise u you have been reported Ur disgusting. For someone who is trying to do something with video game producing according to Ur insta page u need to impress the public not piss them off. Hope u get arrested and sent to the big boys for the night
  • mikeanthony06You and your hubby are good people. Amd trust me, the world knows
  • clori3Antonia and Milania are the cutest! Love them!
  • valerie_picI reported him as well. That is very inappropriate! #notajoke on the other hand this photo is adorable! And I am so glad they are hanging out together ❤#family
  • insecy66What did this freak post?
  • boricua1071I report him as well ! I'm a mom of 5 girls and I won't stand for that crap !! He's sick
  • _torrcassoo Omg... and look at Joey!
  • petunia1025Thank u for reporting that sick bastard @immrsalves87
  • julsie27Aww cousins together!! Nice to see that they're ok despite family drama. It can be difficult I unfortunately know!
  • dunes12759What happened , OMG I just happened to see all thus, But I'm not understanding what happened
  • calistarrsHow cute is that!
  • khomlerHope all the family drama is over! Love the pic. Glad the kids are hanging out :)
  • gagabbs@chrissyrealhoney yay! reunites
  • rachelusatineMe
  • tiiffany.miicheleEw I reported him too.. u have to report the comment so instagram can review the content, don't just report his account.
  • stiw07@jesusismyheart642 ??? Why the hate ? Keep your stupid opinions to yourself!!!
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