Adding Hungarian Cimbalom to the mix @nmc_canada
  • gotyeAdding Hungarian Cimbalom to the mix @nmc_canada

  • acocrookCurious! The sound & how to play!
  • upevedrynasHungary and hungarian music <3
  • barsamchiLooks amazing!
  • hee_yyWow
  • hines_catch_upWhere's the Cotillion? Heyooo!
  • modularmattr u going to do documental of this?
  • _yukarenwengIs it 揚琴?
  • martyd69All these instruments you are posting @gotye are fascinating, like your ♪♪👍
  • doogsmacLike a lil kid n a candy store, wondering if you'll ever leave? @gotye
  • mojabbiIf this instrument sounds as good as it looks, then I'm STOKED to hear what you do with it!
  • wliamjackson@gotye @nmc_canada I am young musician and I live not too far from Calgary, I was wondering if it would be possible to come in and play some of these instruments Wally is showing off?
  • nmc_canada@wliamjackson yes it is! Come visit for a public tour of the collection and you can see, hear and play some of these instruments for yourself! Visit for more info.
  • bluevikstarAwesome. I know someone in Canberra who plays it. He & his Sydney group the transylvaniacs just received a Medal of Honor from the Hungarian government for helping keep Hungarian folk music alive :)
  • the.real.unicorn_It would be nice if you would visit Hungary someday @gotye :)
  • armin_shmThis is very much similar to an old and still popular Persian instrument called "Santoor" @gotye
  • tamburasica@gotye dude I play this...I'm in a folk ensemble, would like to know what track you're using this for so I can listen??
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