We came home this afternoon❤❤❤ happy Easter!!
  • thechosenone665We came home this afternoon❤❤❤ happy Easter!!

  • capricorna78My best wishes Anette and Happy Easter to you and to your family!!
  • melanienemoOhh soo little !! Happy Easter ! I wish you the best ! Good evening & good night but know is so difficult with a baby ! Love you Anette :* <3
  • lamftwHappy Easter, Anette! What do Seth and Nemo think about their new brother?
  • popesweetbekahHappy Easter, Nettie! How is everyone holding up?
  • meadowsofheavenHappy Easter to you, Johan,Seth,Nemo and Mio. Hugs,Love and kisses :-)
  • isabellepohl_I m so happy for you ♥
  • sheibawolfSooooo cute ♥ Have a great Easter with your new one and the family. :D Big hugs!
  • k_lebuckHave a happy Easter all xoxo
  • lag111Awwww so cute. Happy Easter. Love u all so much. Congrats Nemo on becoming a big brother!
  • atrohrcOh, God *-* Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!
  • karinlinnea05I dreamt of you : Mio was sleeping in his small bed, and beside him was Nemo's bed, because he wanted to take care of his babybrother... Very cute dream!
    Happy Easter!
  • anamoominCongratulations!
  • oh.my.glowHappy easter to the cutie family :) glad to hear you're back home ☺
  • lyve669Congrats Annette!!!
  • damacriFinally at home! Great! 😘
  • antoni67Happy Easter u too! 💗💗💗
  • redwineisgoodGlad Påsk. Vad står det på bodyn på den lille ? ♥
  • eileenorcaLove you so amazing Anette! @thechosenone665
  • fihoniReally really cute : )
  • diva_judd@thechosenone665 Congrats from the USA! :)
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