Memphis...go! #finderskeepers #the2020experience
  • justintimberlakeMemphis...go! #finderskeepers #the2020experience

  • girlpowerempireThis will be my first movie role in a major film. It feels so natural although its acting. Something about it just makes sense
  • emac689I live in Memphis
  • emac689I live in Memphis
  • __eleanormarie__So lretty
  • __eleanormarie__P*
  • gcstoreyFrom DeSoto County, MS, neighbor-sure hate to miss your show :(
  • girlpowerempireGood morning! I just love the butterfly pieces on #HomeMint
  • girlpowerempireSooooooo how did you like working with Amanda? Interesting body language #InTime the concept of the movie really is parallel to my life during the filming, I will elaborate later. Soooooo....... how did you like working with Amanda?
  • nataliiaperssonWhat is the name of the song there you singing " say a " and tsss something like that? Please answer!
  • girlpowerempireI hope your having a wonderful day! I can't get you off my mind...not that I want to
  • ramyamarkDang y is most of his pics black and white oh and I know bc he hipsta
  • girlpowerempireGood morning! I hope your day is filled with #JOY from my heart to yours! I love you
  • girlpowerempireEveryday loving you is like Christmas morning! Thank you for your perfect unconventional Valentine's day gift! ;-) I love it!!! #SuitNTie #GirlPOWEREmpire will be joining MySpace this week, you've inspired me!
  • joyce_music_Hometown boy @justintimberlake
  • mindysonDaaang! Wish i would have known you were in the M! #keepinitreal
  • girlpowerempireYou know this whole giving up singing thing started with people telling me I'm delusional about a music career. I was always fighting the criticism then I finally realized that maybe there was truth to it. Me having a music career is really unrealistic. Its too late & what I wanted to do has already been done. Now I think #GirlPOWEREmpire is a better way to live my dreams by helping others achieve theirs. I enjoy promoting other artist & watching them grow. It makes me feel great to see others successfully shine. Sometimes dreams change for the better & I didn't understand at first, but I do now
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  • sxphie.xiiiOh yeah!!
  • melissa_curruthersMy mother was born in Shelby Tennessee. I seen this and my heart stopped and skipped a few beats. My grand father was Reverend Frank Hall, of Mount Zion Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee, God rest his soul. Are you familiar with a place called "Austin Pewey Highway?" Yeap, I'm the great grand daughter of a preacher and when you perform, I can feel the Memphis Soul in you. Thank you and God Bless.
  • moniquegardon1I wished silently her good luck in her future as i dragged my feet
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