Ok, so coconut oil is super hard to measure accurately, what am I missing here?
  • traceysculinaryadventuresOk, so coconut oil is super hard to measure accurately, what am I missing here?

  • aggieskitchenIt is, I usually melt first, measure as liquid. Not sure if that's right. Let leftover harden and add back?
  • omyfamilyI do what @aggieskitchen does. Eyeball it into a bowl, melt in micro, pour into measuring cup, and pour the remainder back in. I've gotten better at estimating over the years.
  • pineapple_and_coconutI soften it but not all the way melty if I'm using as a butter sub. If subbing for another oil I melt it completely
  • traceysculinaryadventures@aggieskitchen @omyfamily @pineapplencoconut Thank you all for the help! Can you tell it's my first time baking with it? 😉
  • pineapple_and_coconutI use it all the time in cooking and baking. I'm more than happy to help!!
  • amarachioWeight it
  • traceysculinaryadventures@pineapplencoconut Thanks, might have to take you up on that!
  • traceysculinaryadventures@amarachio That would definitely be easier, but unfortunately weights weren't available for the recipe I was making
  • mslfosterI've never used coconut oil! Although my childhood one screen movie theater used it in their popcorn.
  • thewingedpaletteTry weighing. I find it easier.
  • veeveeroniMy mom uses Pampered Chef Measure All cup. You push in the dry measure end to where you need and pile your ingredients. Then you can just push out and scrape! She uses it a lot for shortening in biscuits.
  • lisakayaksuse water: fill the cup with 1 cup of water, then drop in enough coconut oil to displace the volume you are needing.
  • lisakayaksor, just weigh... 1 cup is 209 g
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