My sister Kiki, my Mom & me at Sea Salt in #Naples last night!! #Happy90thMom!!
  • katiecouricMy sister Kiki, my Mom & me at Sea Salt in #Naples last night!! #Happy90thMom!!

  • delalpektasWow Katie! What a family! @katiecouric
  • patticarolloLove it! 🌴☀💖Did you have the cotton candy! 👍😎
  • stamielaLovely
  • reese_carol1Naples Florida or Italy?
  • __caryn_Hi @katiecouric ! I was one of your nephews nurses at NYU in 98/99... U were so sweet and signed my wedding album lol ❤. Mom looks great 😊👍
  • lopezair@katiecouric are hot indeed.. ;)
  • negirl6How wonderful to celebrate with loved ones! Happy 90th, Katie's mom!
  • lesliemwilliamsonHappy Birthday to your mom. What a blessing to still have your mom at 90! While in Naples, try Tony's on Third for early morning coffee and pastries!!
  • andimrolinJesse Rolin's mom!!!! ... Do you remember him? Sweet sixteen outside NBC window??? He is 34 married... Has a phenomenal husband... He would love for you to say hi. Possibly??? do you think??? we are still fans of Katie!!!! Enjoy your mom and sis... Please say hi!!! JSRolin .... Thanks..
  • rog_pamSo glad you still have your mom, Katie. Cherish every moment you have with her.
  • jackierothmanHappy Birthday to your mom. It is so special to have our mom in our lives as we get older.
  • joannyatesYou are so lucky to still have your mom! #missmineeveryday
  • lillilybetaSweet sweet . Very special
  • laurettiePlease send your Mom the happiest Birthday Wishes 👏💕# she is looking great for the big 90!!!🙏
  • meghanconwayrowenKatie my sister is named Kiki too!!! @kikiconway
  • 77losangeles@katiecouric I love you Katie! You are a positive role model and inspiration to me.
  • mytenniscoach9wow! your mom look great!!! Happy birthday to Her!
  • fashionistalitBeautiful!!!!
  • gabriellamontilhaBeautiful family!!
  • isabelle_hawkinsShe lives next door to me your mom @katiecouric
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