Hmmm I can't wait to play tomorrow!  Tonight's Show was Amazing!
  • mikedirntHmmm I can't wait to play tomorrow! Tonight's Show was Amazing!

  • extraordinary_girl_97You guys rocked. I might be going to the Rochester show Monday also. Two Green Day concert and American Idiot on Broadway in one week. <3
  • slemke24You guys were amazing in Chicago! @mike_dosxx I was holding the poster in the front against the barriers, I loved it when you came over to our side of the stage cuz you made like the best funny faces ever!!! XD
  • vale__sunnyReady 4 24may 😉
  • new_age_burnoutI cant wait for tommorrow
  • sudehammalYoure so perfect Mike i love you and proud of you!
  • leanderxxYou're so cool!!!!!!! Please come to munich (germany) Green day is the best band EVER
  • nikkirandomI cant thank you enough for the best weekend of my life!! I wish you guys an incredible time throughout the tour!! :) <3
  • greendayfan_I wish I was there, I loved that show. :D
  • x_xchelseaYou are the best band live, @mike_dosxx YOU ARE SO FRICKING AWSOME!
  • moreirabrunowI listen to Green Day every single day, each day it's like one kind of style. Sometimes Kerplunk or nimrod, sometimes 21cb or Tré. How do you feel, that your job, influences so many people everyday? Your songs make me think, make me feel so good. Not just me. I'm Bruno, from Brazil, and I was in your show in Porto Alegre in 2010. I'll appreciate so much if you reply. @mike_dosxx
  • lalala12334fvbGreen Day isn't just people who formed an amazing band, they are heroes who have saved lives with their music. Thank you guys! @mike_dosxx <3
  • ashermskeenI'm super excited, I'm seeing the show in the Patriot Center on the 4th! This will be my first ever concert, for any band, and I'm more than overwhelmed with excitement!!!
  • greenday4evaHottest guy on earth <4
  • greenday4eva<3 fuck
  • ramona_colvinI'm still sad the concerts over! Its been over 2 weeks lol
  • greendaygirl9HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!!! You're the best bassist in the world and you are my hero you inspire me in different ways. I look up to you how awesome you are and how great of a parent you are and it makes me want to be like you! I love the way you are and everything about you... You're just so perfect, to me you are. Well I hope you have an AMAZING birthday... Happy Birthday Mike I love you @mike_dosxx
  • dretelejrThe amp...the amp..
  • nikkigreendayxoxoChicago ♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡
  • courtneyevonnI was there. It was fucking amazing. I'm going to Cleveland with all my Idiot family to watch you guys get inducted. CAN'T. FUCKING. WAIT.
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