• samanthabusch#paradise

  • rmewife05Beautiful☺
  • aleoopsYou look like a Greek goddess in that dress @samanthabusch
  • aprilmann99Just Beautiful! Happy Easter weekend. Enjoy the time together!
  • ktmorgan913This is gorgeous!!!
  • rowdytarzana24Have a wonderful Easter
  • rowdytarzana24You guys are a perfect couple.
  • hollywoodmsfitOmg, you two are adorable!
  • lauracgarnerLoooove that dress! Enjoy your time away ;)
  • johnhoerr1Now that is the MISSION~
  • johnhoerr1#mission18
  • melgoochMy favorite part of my husband is his"goofiness"
  • shan.nodurft_528@ijaredm -from a woman's perspective KB is sexy, sweet, and seems like a fun guy so I think you are not only crazy but insanely rude for accusing @samanthabusch for being "in it for the money".....who are you to judge? They both look happy and amazing in this pic in paradise 🌺☀💕
  • jcorinoAdorable!
  • mtchefbethYou guys look soooo happy!!!!!
  • bak2112WOW! What a cockroach. How anybody can say anything negative about this young lady is completely clueless. I don't even like her husband, I'm a 48 man, but I will say he is by far the best driver out there and I think she has made him what he has become. She helps young ladies everyday with life. In closing, Sam and Kyle please stay happy. Happy Easter from SoCal.
  • heathermae_77Where did you go for vacation?
  • leannfrickIt is obvious at a glance, how much in love you two are!!! Enjoy your time off, and have a Happy Easter!!!💕💕💕
  • getbeautybutlerGreat pic!
  • cassidy_ruthGreat picture! Ya'll are my favorite nascar couple. Just a little sad the other doggies aren't in the pictures as much as Lucy.
  • jaustinlasterLucky Man!!! But a damn Gr8 Driver!!! Hope he puts the passion into You the way he does winning! Yall are a Gr8 couple :)
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