Suddenly recovery isn't so bad..
  • xojordanfishSuddenly recovery isn't so bad..

  • glitterdunnPerfection :)
  • likesandonmyfeetOh my goodness, how precious!!!
  • dollg1974So cute!! I think Miss Taylor James and you are exactly what the doctor ordered for a happy recovery.
  • rexs3sonsAdorable lil one. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  • monicapalumboSo sweet!!
  • its.just.jaeI seriously could cry looking at these. Too #precious.
  • samskrinskiSo cute!
  • bronzecaroleThis could be the best 5 weeks ever - she will grow so quickly.
  • maisie_cahillAwwweee I love it!!!!!
  • zades04So precious:) she is perfect. Hope DH gets well soon. I had back surgery in June so i know how difficult it can be to recover but his health comes first! Hope to see a full recovery and back in the car in no time!
  • louise_oveSo cute
  • beachbum31328BEST medicine!
  • sovagirlGet well soon denny. We will miss you
  • nascarangel87@dennyhamlin & @missjfish - She is so precious. Daddy & daughter time is always the best medicine. Enjoy her while she is small because it will go by so fast. My wish is that I get to meet my hero @dennyhamlin during the All Star race and watch the race a top his pit box. My birthday is the Monday after the All Star race. It would be awesome to meet you. I'm hoping. Fingers crossed & praying. GET WELL SOON DENNY! #Denny's#1Fan
  • horseypoohSorry to hear about DH :( I was pulling for him this season! I agree the baby will heal him soon! Hope all is well!
  • linda_thomas211They grow up so fast. Enjoy your daddy time .
  • katieakensethAwe....
  • michellevt8Happy Easter to the Hamlin family!
  • mandy_herb2350That is too cute!! I bet when he got home the pain when away for awhile when he saw Taylor
  • jmichel8So precious!
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